Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Speakout Advanced p 9. Stative and Dynamic Verbs. Extra Key Word Transformations

3 Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using one of the words in bold. Do not change the word in bold.
1.      Charles and his father are exactly alike in appearance.
Charles ______________________________ his father.
2.      Take all your possessions and walk slowly to the exit.
Take everything ______________________________ and walk slowly to the exit.
3.      I’m finding it really enjoyable to work here.
I ______________________________ here.
4.      I take work home regularly because of my new responsibility at work.
My new responsibility at work ______________________________ work home regularly.
5.      In my cycling group there’s George, Tom, Harry and me.
My ______________________________ George, Tom, Harry and me.
6.      In your opinion, who’s going to win the Cup?
Who do ______________________________ win the Cup?
7.      I’m seeing how wide the door is.
I ______________________________ the door.
8.      Neil always forgets his wife’s birthday.
Neil ______________________________ his wife’s birthday.
9.      Its ability to catch fish is the key to the polar bear’s survival.
The polar bear’s ______________________________ to catch fish.
10.  What’s on your mind at the moment?
What ______________________________ at the moment?


1) looks just/exactly like 
2) that belongs to you 
3) am really enjoying working 
4) means I take 
5) cycling group consists of 
6) you think is going to 
7) I am measuring (the width of) 
8) never remembers 
9) survival depends on its ability 
10) are you thinking about 

You will find the exercise HERE

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