Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Speakout Advanced p 30. Keys and Vocabulary

Ex 1
1 I’ve only been working here for two weeks so I’m still learning the ropes.

2 You are so talented, you should believe in yourself.

3 Correct.

4 I decided to take advantage of the opportunity.

5 David didn’t need to think because he trusted his instincts (no on needed after trust).

6 correct

7 Correct.

8 It’s a difficult course and Frank’s on a steep learning curve.
curb: 1 curb (on something) something that controls and puts limits on something. E.g. curbs on government spending. 2 (North American English) (British English kerb) the edge of the raised path at the side of a road, usually made of long pieces of stone. E.g. The bus mounted the curb (= went onto the sidewalk / pavement ) and hit a tree.

Ex 2A
steady: not changing and not interrupted. Regular. E.g. His breathing was steady. A steady job/income. She drove at a steady 50 mph. They set off at a steady pace. A steady boyfriend/girlfriend(= with whom you have a serious relationship or one that has lasted a long time). To have a steady relationship.

commute: /kəˈmjuːt/ the journey that a person makes when they commute to work. E.g. a two-hour commute into downtown Washington. I have only a short commute to work. Today most commutes are not suburb to city to suburb but from one suburb to another.

Ex 4A
expect + to inf
required + to inf
in+ -ing
chance + to inf
make plans + to inf
impossible + to inf
mind + -ing
advise you + to inf

Ex 5A
1 Quite frankly, 

2 According to, 

I’m concerned

3 To my knowledge, 

If you 

4 can gather, 

reality is 

Ex 5B
They don’t need to be the students' own opinions, but should be opinions that are likely to be controversial and spark debate. 

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