Monday, 21 October 2013

Speakout Advanced p 21. Conditionals. Extra Exercise: Choose the Correct Word or Phrase

Choose the correct word or phrase.

  1. If we hadn't taken a wrong turning back there, we wouldn't be / have been in this mess now.
  2. Should / Would you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to ask.
  3. Had they not / Hadn't they warned people in time, a lot more lives could have been lost.
  4. If you worked / had worked last weekend when the boss asked you, then you wouldn't have to work this weekend.
  5. Were all the members of staff to attend the conference, would the hotel have / have had enough rooms for everyone?
  6. Had the government acted sooner, the general public wouldn't be worrying / have worried so much about the current situation.
  7. Tom Cruise wouldn't be the star he is today had he not / should he not have made a good impression in his early films.
  8. Weren't we / Were we not to build more roads, the traffic system would collapse by 2020.
  9. It would be hard enough to pass the exam tomorrow even if you went / had gone to all the lectures this year.
  10. You can contact the hotel manager on extension 142 should / could you need to.
  11. Shouldn't you / Should you not receive confirmation of your flight by e-mail, please click the link below.
  12. I would have asked the person for ID before I let him in, if I were / have been you.


1. be

2. Should

3. Had they not

4. had worked

5. have

6. be worrying

7. had he not

8. Were we not

9. had gone

10. should

11. Should you not

12. were

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