Monday, 21 October 2013

Speakout Advanced p 21. Wishes and Regrets. Extra Exercise: Circle the Correct Word or Phrase

Circle the correct word or phrase. If both are correct, circle both.

1. All of my friends have got mobiles. I wish I have / had one too!

2. Don’t you sometimes wish you ran / were running this company?

3. If only we didn't leave / hadn't left the map at home!

4. If only we don't / didn't have to go to school tomorrow!

5. I do wish the bus came / would come. I'm going to be late.

6. Do you ever wish that you sang / could sing really well?

7. There’s only really one thing I regret. I wish I could go / have gone to university but of course, in those days, it just wasn't possible.

8. Excuse me, I wish I spoke / to speak to the person in charge.

9. I wish / hope it snows tomorrow!

10. Why on earth does Geoffrey wish he would be given / they would give him a knighthood?

11. Well, I don't think it's a very sensible business venture, but I do wish you luck / lucky.

12. My grandfather always wished that he was / had been taller.

13. If only you were / you'd been watching Thomas instead of checking your e-mail. He wouldn't have fallen off the slide then.

14. I do wish the taxi driver didn't go / wasn't going so slowly. We're never going to get there!

15. If only Peggy wasn't / hadn't been sent off. I'm sure we'd have won the match.


1. had

2. ran/ were running

3. hadn't left

4. didn't

5. would come

6. sang/ could sing

7. have gone

8. to speak

9. hope

10. they would give him

11. luck

12. was/ had been

13. you'd been

14. wasn't going

15. hadn't been

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