Monday, 21 October 2013

Speakout Advanced p 21. Conditionals and Regrets. Extra Exercise

Complete the sentences using prompts. There may be more than one possible answer.

1.      If I hadn’t gone to the USA, I ______________________ (never/meet) my husband.
2.      If only we’d known about the spare key, we ___________________ (not/have to/call) the police.
3.      Supposing you’d been in my shoes, what _________________ (you/do) when he called to say sorry!
4.      Had we realised that the interview had started, we _______________ (not/just/go) into the room without knocking.
5.      But for Patrizia, we ____________________ (never/find) the stadium. We’d still be wandering the streets.
6.      If she’d stayed in her last job, she _______________ (probably/be) successful by now.
7.      He regretted ____________________ (not/go) to university when he had the chance to.
8.      Of course that’s what we should do. If only we _________________ (think) of it before!

9.      I wouldn’t have booked tickets for the concert if I _________________ (realise/you/already/do) it.
10.      It’s hard to imagine what life would have been like if we _______________________ (never/have) children.


1. would never have met / would have never met       

2. wouldn’t have had to call

3.  would you have done

4. wouldn’t have just gone    

5. would never have found / would have never found    

6. would probably be / would probably have been

7. not going /  not having gone          

8. ‘d thought

9. ‘d realised you’d already done       

10. ‘d never had

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