Monday, 21 October 2013

Speakout Advanced p 21. Conditionals. Extra Exercise: Complete

Complete using the words below.

case • condition • long • otherwise • provided • so • suppose • unless
  1. Do you want a highly-paid career, and, if ________, are you prepared to retrain? Contact us.
  2. I'm quite happy to lend you money, as __________ as you make sure I get it back.
  3. The village fair should be a great success, ______________we don't have the same problems with the weather as last year.
  4. It’d be great to see you on Saturday evening, _____________ you've already got other plans.
  5. Could you go to the shop for me? I have to stay in in __________________the courier comes.
  6. Your idea sounds fine in theory, but just _______________ something goes wrong. What then?
  7. Write your name at the top of your essay, ______________ I won't know which one's yours.
  8. The judge allowed the accused to stay at home on _______________ she reported to the police every morning.


1.  so

2. long

3. provided

4. unless

5. case

6. suppose

7. otherwise

8. condition

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