Monday, 21 October 2013

Speakout Advanced p 21. Conditionals. Extra Rephrasing

Rewrite the sentences, starting with the words given.

  1. The only reason we won the contract was Debbie's fantastic presentation.
We wouldn't have_________________________________________________
  1. The eventual arrival of the ferry prevented a fight from breaking out amongst the passengers.
If it hadn't been for ____________________________________________________
  1. None of the passengers was injured because of the driver's quick reaction.
But ________________________________________________________________
  1. We'll have to cancel the meeting if Wendy doesn't turn up soon.
Unless ______________________________________________________________
  1. Mr. Jones would be quite lonely if he didn't have his daughter's visits.
Were it ________________________________________________________________
  1. Here's my phone number, because you might need it.
In case ________________________________________________________________
  1. Agree to be back by midnight and you can go.
Providing _____________________________________________________________
  1. Officer Hughes prevented the robbers from escaping.
Had it ________________________________________________________________


1. won the contract if it hadn't been for Debbie's fantastic presentation / won the contract had it not been for Debbie's fantastic presentation.

2. the eventual arrival of the ferry, a fight would have broken out among the passengers.

3. for the driver's quick reaction, (some of) the passengers would have been injured.

4. Wendy turns up soon, we'll have to cancel the meeting.

5. not for his daughter's visits, Mr Jones would be quite lonely.

6. you need it, here's my number.

7. you are back by midnight, you can go/ you agree to be back by midnight, you can go.

8. not been for Officer Hughes, the robbers would have escaped.

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