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Speakout Advanced p 18. Keys and Vocabulary

Ex 1
1 clear

2 after

3 maiden

4 herself

5 household

6 nickname

Ex 2A

1 a) is coming

b) comes

2a) have had

b) have been having

3a) was being

b) was

4a) don’t get

b) isn’t getting

5a) had worked

b) had been working

Optional extra activity
Using the verb forms from the answer key in ex 2A: is coming/comes, have been having/have had, was being/was, don’t/doesn’t get/isn’t/aren’t getting, had worked/had been working write five true sentences about yorself. When you have finished, compare your sentences in pairs.

Ex 3A

1 I’m prone to leaving things until the last minute, and then I always have to rush.

2 I don’t tend to need as much sleep as I used to.

3 I keep forgetting people’s birthdays.

4 My parents were always very strict, and they wouldn’t let me out late at night.

5 I’m more inclined to phone people than to send them a text.

6 I’m always tidying my house. I can’t stand it when it’s in a mess.

Ex 4A

1 mature /məˈtʃʊə(r)/ /məˈtjʊə(r)/

2 perceptive /pəˈseptɪv/

3 obstinate /ˈɒbstɪnət/ stubborn

4 conscientious /ˌkɒnʃiˈenʃəs/ taking care to do things carefully and correctly. E.g. a conscientious student/teacher/worker.

5 open-minded

6 inquisitive
Inquisitive: /ɪnˈkwɪzətɪv/ 1 (disapproving) asking too many questions and trying to find out about what other people are doing, etc. Curious. E.g. Don't be so inquisitive. It's none of your business! I didn’t like to seem inquisitive 2. very interested in learning about many different things. E.g. He has an an inquisitive mind. His poems reveal an intensely inquisitive mind. An intelligent and inquisitive young man. 

Ex 5A
1 c) 

2 f ) 

3 g) 

4 d) 

5 b) 
absent-minded: tending to forget things, perhaps because you are not thinking about what is around you, but about something else. Forgetful. E.g. Grandpa's becoming quite absent-minded.

6 h) 

7 a) 
 streak: an element of a specified kind in someone’s character. Sp. vena, cualidad. E.g. there’s a streak of insanity in the family. Lucy had a ruthless streak.

8 e)

Ex 5B
I reckon my country will win the world cup. 
I’d hazard a guess that my boss won’t give me a pay rise. 

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