Monday, 16 February 2009

Robert Pershing Wadlow

Speculate about what his life may have been like. 
What might his school life have been like?
What problems might he have come up against?
Do you think it could have been difficult for him to socialize?
Would you say he can't have had a lot of friends?
Do you think that Robert's size must have taken its toll on him?

Come up against: to be faced with or opposed by somebody/something. Meet a difficulty. E.g. We expect to come up against a lot of opposition to the plan.

take a heavy toll (on somebody/something), take its toll (on somebody/something): to have a bad effect on somebody/something; to cause a lot of damage, deaths, suffering, etc. E.g. Illness had taken a heavy toll on her. The recession is taking its toll on the housing markets.
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