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Speakout Advanced p 14. Key and Vocabulary



sitter: a person who sits or stands somewhere so that somebody can paint a picture of them or photograph them. E.g. A special relationship exists between the sitter and the artist.

as it were: in a way (used to be less precise). Used when a speaker is giving his or her own impression of a situation or expressing something in a particular way. E.g. Teachers must put the brakes on, as it were, when they notice students looking puzzled. Areas which have been, as it were, pushed aside.

dismal: causing or showing sadness. Gloomy, miserable. E.g. dismal conditions/surroundings/weather. Christmas will be dismal without the children.

take on something: a particular version of or approach to something. The particular opinion or idea that somebody has about something. E.g. What's his take on the plan? A new take on the Romeo and Juliet story (= a way of presenting it). What's your take on the oil crisis?

monkish: /ˈmʌŋkɪʃ/ like a monk; connected with monks. E.g. The usual take on me is that I am this monkish recluse and he doesn't quite endorse that view of me.

recluse: /rɪˈkluːs/ a person who lives alone and likes to avoid other people. E.g. to lead the life of a recluse.

endorse something: /ɪnˈdɔːs/ to say publicly that you support a person, statement or course of action. I wholeheartedly (completely) endorse his remarks. Members of all parties endorsed a ban on land mines.

Alan Bennett is an English playwright, screenwriter, actor and author.

caricature: /ˈkærɪkətʃʊə(r)/ to draw or describe someone or something in a way that makes some aspects of them seem funny. E.g. I don't feel as though I have been caricatured or anything.

or anything: (informal) or another thing of a similar type. E.g. If you want to call a meeting or anything, just let me know.

flicker: a feeling or expression that is visible for a very short time. E.g. a flicker of hope/doubt/interest. A flicker of a smile crossed her face.

Germaine Greer: is an Australian academic and journalist, and was a major feminist voice of the mid-20th century.

unveil something: to remove a cover or curtain from a painting, statue, etc. so that it can be seen in public for the first time. E.g. The Queen unveiled a plaque to mark the official opening of the hospital.

paradoxically: /ˌpærəˈdɒksɪkli/ seemingly absurd or self-contradictory. E.g. Paradoxically, the less she ate, the fatter she got. 

flattering: makes you look as attractive as it possibly can. E.g. a flattering dress. The photo is not very flattering. 

Kazuo Ishiguro: is a Japanese-born British novelist. He won the 1989  Man Booker Prize for his novel The Remains of the Day.


Alan Bennett C

Germaine Greer A

Kazuo Ishiguro B


caricatured: drawn or described in a way that is only partly true and which exaggerates certain features for humorous effect.

flicker: a feeling or expression that is visible for a very short time.

posed: sat or stood in a particular position in order to be painted.

flattering: makes you look as attractive as it possibly can. 




 intelligent, relaxed, confident, rebellious

teacher, academia, writer, TV presenter/broadcaster


intellectual, studious, glasses = intelligent, not British, comfortably dressed, kind, guarded

writer, academia

no pretensions, not posh, not intellectual, dressed formally, creative

artist, novelist, playwright









p 129

1 looks 

2 hazard 

3 sure 

4 guess 

5 wonder

6 say


7 give 

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