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Speakout Advanced p 12. Positive Personality Adjectives. Extra Speaking and Vocabulary.

What positive personality adjectives would you use to describe the people you know?

Personality. Vocabulary


To ask about sb's personality, you can say: What is he/she like? or What sort of a person is he/she?                                                                                                                
To appear to be a particular type of person (even if you are not): come across (as sth): She came across as quite a shy person when we met her, but apparently she's not like that at all.                                                                                                             
The effect that a person produces on sb else: impression: He made a good impression on everyone.

Positive Adjectives:
Pleasant and good: nice, sweet: I like her - she's a really nice person.                   
Easily liked by other people: charming: I find him absolutely charming.                             
Kind and pleasant: friendly.                                                                                 
Generally happy: cheerful; cheerful or friendly: good-natured.                                  
Caring about how other people feel and doing things to help them: kind, kind-hearted.  
Happy to help people: helpful, cooperative.                                                             
Giving sb support: supportive.                                                                   
Understanding other people's feelings and problems: sympathetic.                                   
Happy to give money and help freely: generous.                                                            
If you think about how other people feel before you do or say things, you are considerate, thoughtful.                                                                                                
Having skill in dealing with people; careful not to cause embarrassment: tactful, diplomatic.                                                                                                                           
Very kind and thoughtful: good, (informal) sweet: It was so good of you to come; How sweet of you to remember my birthday!                                                                       
If you behave in a careful way so that you do not hurt things or people, you are gentle. A person who is always gentle and loving is tender-hearted.                                          
If you are friendly and welcoming to visitors, you are hospitable: A really hospitable couple.                                                                                                                                     
If you act and speak in a way that is helpful and thoughtful towards other people, you are polite, (formal) courteous /ˈkɜːtiəs/                                                                                            
A person who has good manners and behaves in a polite way is well-behaved, (rather formal) well-mannered: Well-behaved children.                                                                
Able or willing to accept things that you do not like or agree with: broad-minded, tolerant.                                                                                                               
Tolerant; not easily worried or annoyed: easygoing.                                                 
Not easily made angry: calm, relaxed, even-tempered.                                                             
Feeling very happy because you are looking forward to sth happening; not calm: excited.                                                                                                                    
Enjoying the company of other people: sociable.                                                        
Friendly and talkative; likes meeting new people: outgoing.                                       
Liked by many people: popular.                                                                               
Fond of talking (in a friendly way): chatty: I liked him - he was really friendly and chatty.                                                                                                                                   
Full of life and energy; very active: lively.                                                                                 
A person who is cheerful and lively and enjoys being with other people: extrovert.     
Able to express your feelings freely or naturally: uninhibited.                                    
Able to make other people laugh or have a good time: funny, amusing, (informal) a good laugh, (informal) (good/great) fun: She's a really good laugh; you're great fun.         
If you see what is funny in life, can make jokes, etc, you have a (good) sense of humour.                                                                                                                         
Enjoyable to be with; having interesting things to say: interesting.                                      
Using words in a clever and amusing way: witty.                                                      
Very interesting: fascinating: a fascinating woman.                                                            Interesting and enjoyable: amusing, entertaining.                                                                      
Full of enthusiasm: enthusiastic.                                                                                     
Telling the truth; not stealing or deceiving people: honest: an honest and loyal friend. 
 If you can be sure that sb will do what they ought to do or what they have said they will do, they are reliable, dependable, trustworthy.     
Solid: dependable.Reliable. E.g. The real man was solid, dependable, loyal, uncomplaining, quick to act and slow to forgive. 
Steady: (of a person) sensible; who can be relied on. E.g. a solid, steady young man.      
Not changing in your friendship or beliefs: faithful, loyal.                                              
Saying what you think, without embarrassment: outspoken.                                                  
Able to think or act in a reasonable way; showing good judgement: sensible.                    
A person you can trust to behave well and sensibly: responsible.                                       
Careful to do sth correctly and well: conscientious.     
Making sensible decisions and good at dealing with problems: practical.                              Able to plan and carry out work well: organized.                                                             
Liking to keep things in good order: tidy, neat.                                                             
Having a lot of energy to do things: active, energetic.                                                     
Working with effort and energy: hard-working.                                                                           
A person who is good at what they do is competent.                                                                   
A person who is able to do their job quickly, without making mistakes and wasting time, is efficient.                                                                                                                                
A person who does things carefully, paying attention to detail to make sure that it is right, is thorough.                                                                                                                            
A person who takes care to do things well is conscientious.                                                     
If you can do things yourself and do not want or need help, you are independent, self-reliant.                                                                                                                       
Ready to do things that are dangerous or difficult without showing fear: brave, courageous.                                                                                                                     
Courage and determination: (informal) guts: to have a lot of guts.                                       
To be brave enough to do sth: have the courage/nerve (to do sth).                      
Courageous and willing to do dangerous things: daring.                                                
A person who likes to try new things and have adventures is adventurous.                         
If sb is brave enough to do what they think is right, they have the courage of their convictions.                                                                                                                      
Having a strong desire to be successful, to have power, etc: ambitious.                         
Feeling or showing that you are sure about your own abilities, opinions, etc: confident, self-confident.                                                                                                                 
Expressing your opinions clearly and confidently so that people listen and take notice of you: assertive.                                                                                                                
Somebody who usually believes that the future will be good: optimist.                          
Having a number of different skills and abilities: talented.                                                     
Quick at thinking and understanding: sharp, quick-witted.                                                   
Using experience and knowledge to make good decisions: wise.                                         
Good at finding ways of doing things: resourceful: a resourceful teacher.           
Showing an ability to find answers to problems or thinking of new things: ingenious.
larger than life looking or behaving in a way that is more interesting or exciting than other people, and so is likely to attract attention. Flamboyant. E.g. He's a larger than life character. He is a colourful character, larger than life, fun, friendly and always joking. He was a larger than life character - jovial, outgoing, hugely personable.
colourful: interesting or exciting; full of variety, sometimes in a way that is slightly shocking. E.g. a colourful history/ past/ career. One of the book's most colourful characters.
jovial: /ˈdʒəʊviəl/ very cheerful and friendly. E.g. He was in a jovial mood. A jovial personality. The atmosphere was electric and both sets of fans were jovial and friendly for much of the game.

Towering: of great importance or influence. Surpassing others; very great: a towering figure in American poetry. 
Flamboyant:  behaving or dressing in a way that deliberately attracts attention. Elvis was flamboyant. 
ostentatious: (disapproving) /ˌɒstenˈteɪʃəs/ behaving in a way that is meant to impress people by showing how rich, important, etc. you are. E.g. Although extremely wealthy, Simon and his family were never ostentatious.  

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