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Speakout Advanced p 10. Key and Vocabulary

Ex 8A

This profile will appear in an online class called BLED 514.

Lifelong: lasting or existing all through your life. E.g. Her lifelong ambition had been to learn how to fly. He has been a lifelong supporter of the club.

Born and bred: born and having grown up in a particular place with a particular background and education. E.g. He was born and bred in Boston. I'm a Londoner, born and bred.

long-term: occurring over or relating to a long period of time. E.g. the long-term unemployed. The long-term effects of smoking. It has been a long-term interest of mine.

deepen something to improve your knowledge or understanding of something. E.g. an opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of different cultures.

foray: /ˈfɒreɪ/ (into something) an attempt to become involved in a different activity or profession. E.g. the company's first foray into the computer market. This is not my first foray into higher education.

Bachelor's degree: the first degree that you get when you study at a university. Bachelor’s degrees include Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BSc).

Master's degree: (also master's) a further university degree that you study for after a first degree.

Paediatrician: /ˌpiːdiəˈtrɪʃn/

Hike: to go for a long walk in the country, especially for pleasure. E.g. strong boots for hiking over rough country. Go hiking to spend time hiking for pleasure. E.g. If the weather's fine, we'll go hiking this weekend.

Ex 8B

It follows all of the guidelines.

Ex 9 

somebody's pet peeve: /piːv/ (North American English) (British English somebody's pet hate) something that you particularly dislike

Ex 10A

outline: a description of the main facts or points involved in something. E.g. This is a brief outline of the events. You should draw up a plan or outline for the essay.

draft: /drɑːft/ a rough written version of something that is not yet in its final form. E.g. I've made a rough draft of the letter. This is only the first draft of my speech. The final draft(= the final version) 

rough: /rʌf/ not exact; not including all details. Approximate. E.g. a rough calculation/estimate of the cost. I've got a rough idea of where I want to go. There were about 20 people there, at a rough guess. A rough draft of a speech. 

roughly: approximately but not exactly. E.g. Sales are up by roughly 10%. We live roughly halfway between here and the coast. They all left at roughly the same time. Roughly speaking, we receive about fifty letters a week on the subject. 

Ex 10B

Suggested answers: nursery school teacher, au pair, babysitter, children’s entertainer, summer camp worker.

nursery: a school for children between the ages of about two and five. Preschool.  

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