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Speakout Advanced p 74. Trends. Listening

The trend of wearing your jeans halfway down your 1___________ so that the 2__________ can be seen started in the United States prisons and 3____________ later in Europe. It has its origins in the fact that prisoners cannot wear 4___________ since they can be used as a 5___________. In addition, the prison uniforms were too big for the 6__________. This is why you may come across a little guy wearing a huge 7__________ pair of prison 8________ trousers and in this way the prisoners ended up wearing their trousers halfway down their legs. Therefore the trend has its 9__________ the prison system. However, it spread beyond the prison walls and rappers started wearing their trousers like this which led to 10___________ adoption of the style. It gave them a 11__________ look since it originated in prison, from where it's crossed over into the 12___________ . This is an example of how fashions start and spread since they come from nowhere, out 13________________, and then early adopters help to make them fashionable and suddenly you've got a trend.

The trend of reality TV is thought to have started to 14______________ in the nineties with the 15______________ of programmes like Big Brother and Pop Idol. However, it originated in the seventies and eighties.The popularity of these shows has caused a 16___________ how programmes are made. Production values are quite low and the 17___________ is on making something cheap and quick in order to make bigger profits, which resulted in these shows 18__________ around the world. Therefore, these programmes will continue being made until the public 19___________ them. However, the public is still interested in knowing about real people and real lives.

1 hips

2 underwear 

3 spread 

4 belts 

5 weapon

6 inmates 
inmate: one of the people living in an institution such as a prison or a mental hospital. E.g. The jail has 500 inmates. He was attacked by a fellow inmate.

7 baggy
baggy loose-fitting. E.g. a baggy T-shirt.

8 issue
issue: the act of supplying or making available things for people to buy or use. E.g. I bought a set of the new stamps on the date of issue. The issue of blankets to the refugees. The issue of a joint statement by the French and German foreign ministers. A pair of prison issue trousers.

9. roots in


10. widespread /ˈwaɪdspred/ existing or happening over a large area or among many people. E.g. widespread damage. The plan received widespread support throughout the country.

11. gangster

12. mainstream 
 mainstream accepted by or involving most people in society. E.g. mainstream education.

13. of the blue
out of the blue unexpectedly; without warning. E.g. The decision came out of the blue.

14.  take off

15. emergence 

16. big shift in 

shift (in something) a change in position or direction. E.g. a dramatic shift in public opinion. A shift of emphasis.

17. emphasis 

18. spreading 

19. tires of 
tire of something/somebody: to become bored with something/ somebody or begin to enjoy it/ them less. E.g. They soon tired of the beach and went for a walk. She was sure that he would soon tire of her. There are plenty of restaurants for those who tire of shopping.

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