Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Speakout Advanced p 92. Changes. Extra Vocabulary 3

Complete each of the gaps with one of the words from the list.

Fortunes, heart, scene, pace, condition, attitudes, direction, law

1. You should go away somewhere for the weekend. A change of _______________ will do you good.

2.At first my parents refused to let me go off travelling on my own, but then they had a change of _______________.

3.After a very slow start, the car chase gives the film a much needed change of _______________.

4.In a complete change of _______________ he gave up his job in teaching and became a farmer.

5. The win marked a change in the _______________ of the team, which had lost its previous six games.

6.Despite the operation on his eye, there has been no significant change in the patient’s _______________ .

7. Anti-smoking campaigners yesterday called for a change in the __________ to make it illegal for people to smoke in bars and cafés.

8. The legalisation of divorce reflected a change in __________ towards marriage.


1. scene

2. heart

3. pace

4. direction

5. fortunes

6. condition

7. law

8. attitudes


  1. Could it be possible to put in 4 the option `direction´ and in 5 the option `fortunes´? It makes more sense for me.



  2. You are right David. Thanks for your help.


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