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Speakout Advanced p 84. Keys and Vocabulary

Ex 6A
She learned the tango by taking classes and practising at home.

jaded: /ˈdʒeɪdɪd/ tired and bored, usually because you have had too much of something. E.g. I felt terribly jaded after working all weekend. It was a meal to tempt even the most jaded palate.

sore /sɔː(r)/ if a part of your body is sore, it is painful, and often red, especially because of infection or because a muscle has been used too much. E.g. to have a sore throat. His feet were sore after the walk. My stomach is still sore (= painful) after the operation.

ache /eɪk/ to feel a continuous dull pain. Hurt. E.g. I'm aching all over. Her eyes ached from lack of sleep. (Figurative) It makes my heart ache (= it makes me sad) to see her suffer.

take something into your own hands to deal with a particular situation yourself because you are not happy with the way that others are dealing with it. E.g. Many people are starting to take privacy protection into their own hands. Mike's mother wouldn't call the doctor, so Mike took matters into his own hands and did it for her.

get the hang of something (informal) to learn how to do or to use something; to understand something. E.g. It's not difficult once you get the hang of it. I can't seem to get the hang of this game. I never got the hang of negative numbers.

Ex 6B
Having listened 
Not wanting
having struggled

Ex 7A
1 c) 

2 b) 

3 a) 

4 d)

Ex 7B
e) Having listened to the music as a child, I felt I already knew the rhythms. 

f) armed with nothing but a love of Argentinian culture,

p 141
Ex 1

a Making 

b Made 

a Told 

b Telling 

a Paying 

b Paid 
by the hour based on an hour of work. E.g. Are you paid by the hour? 

a worn 

b wearing 
badge a small piece of metal or plastic, with a design or words on it, that a person wears to show that they belong to an organization, support something, have achieved something, have a particular rank, etc. E.g. She wore a badge saying ‘Vote for Coates’. All employees have to wear name badges.

a written 

b Writing

Ex 2
Arming Armed
cuttlefish a sea creature with eight arms, two tentacles (= long thin parts like arms) and a wide flat shell inside its body, that produces a black substance like ink when it is attacked. Sp. Sepia.

cuttlefish bone:


graduate graduated

to discuss discussing

Giving Given
stove: a large piece of equipment for cooking food, containing an oven and gas or electric rings on top. E.g. She put a pan of water on the stove.

Asking  Asked 

bank statement a printed record of all the money paid into and out of a customer's bank account within a particular period. E.g. All transactions appear on a monthly bank statement.
utility: /juːˈtɪləti/ a public service such as gas, water, or electricity that is used by everyone. E.g. utility companies. Public/ privatized utilities:  the regulation of privatized utilities. Utility bills.

Ex 8
1 While staying in Toulouse she learnt French cooking.

2 Having honed my technique, I spent all my free time painting.
Hone: /həʊn/ to develop and improve something, especially a skill, over a period of time. E.g. hone something She honed her debating skills at college. It was a finely honed piece of writing. I honed my technique. Hone something to something His body was honed to perfection.

3 Not knowing how to relax, I always felt tense until I discovered Pilates.

4 Given a/the chance to go to a dance school in Colombia, Paul learnt salsa.

5 Proven by experts to be a stress buster, jogging is great exercise.
buster: (usually in compounds; often used in newspapers) a person or thing that stops or gets rid of something. E.g. crime-busters, stress buster.

6 Bought for me by my brother, my rollerblades are a great way for me to get around.

7 Not being a 'natural' at sports, he had to work incredibly hard.
natural (for something) a person who is very good at something without having to learn how to do it, or who is perfectly suited for a particular job. E.g. She took to flying like a natural. He's a natural for the role.
take to something to develop an ability for something. E.g. She took to tennis as if she'd been playing all her life.

8 Alternative lifestyles are practised by many people looking for freedom from modern life.

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