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Speakout Advanced p 83. Time. Extra Cloze

1. What do you hope to achieve ______ the time available?
2. When you are ill you have to phone in 2.1_______and take time 2.2______ work.
3. If time is 3.1 _________ you, if you're pressed 3.2__________ time, don't worry if what you produce is less than wonderful.
4. What we all work for is to make time 4.1______ ourselves, to free 4.2_____ time for the things we really want to do.
5. It's essential to set ________ enough time to pursue your interests.
6. If the crop is not harvested during the ___________ time, the entire crop will be ruined.
7. Those seeking a shift to higher-quality programming on _______-time television are likely to be disappointed.
8. The project will be executed in a record-__________ time of one year and three months, with completion expected in October 2020.
9. ___________ time was longer than usual because a lot of time had been wasted during the match. 
10. __________ time should be dependent on the weather to avoid particularly wet or cold spells that would damage the crop. 

1. in

2.1 sick
Call/ phone in sick: telephone to say you will not be coming to work because you are ill. E.g. Emma has just called in sick.

2.2 off
time off a period of time that is free from employment. E.g.  get ~; have ~; give someone ~; take (some) ~.) I'll have to get time off for jury duty. I have time off to go downtown and shop.

3.1 against

3.2 for
pressed/pushed for time needing time; in a hurry.E.g. be ~; become ~; get ~; Seem ~. If I weren't so pressed for time, I could help you. I can't talk to you. I'm too pushed for time. Can't talk to you now. I'm pressed for time. 

4.1 for
make time for something
to allow time for something in particular On the flight back to Washington, the president made time for reporters' questions. I try to make time to run at least four times a week.

4.2 up
free somebody/something (up) to make somebody/ something available for a particular purpose. E.g. We freed time each week for a project meeting. The government has promised to free up more resources for education.

5 aside
To set aside: to save or keep money or time for a particular purpose: e.g. She tries to set aside some money every month. It's essential to set aside enough time to pursue your interest.

6 harvest
Harvest: the time of year when the crops are gathered in on a farm, etc.; the act of cutting and gathering crops: e.g. Harvest time. Farmers are extremely busy during the harvest.

7 prime
Prime time (BrE also peak time, peak viewing time): the time when the greatest number of people are watching television or listening to the radio: e.g. prime-time television. OPP. off-peak viewing time.

8. breaking
Record-breaker:a person or thing that achieves a better result or higher level than has ever been achieved before.
Record-breaking: adjective [only before noun]: a record-breaking jump. Record-breaking time.

9. injury
Injury time: (BrE) time added at the end of a game of football, hockey, etc. because the game has been interrupted by injured players needing treatment.

10. Sowing
Sow/səʊ/: to plant or spread seeds. Sp. Sowing time.
Sew/səʊ/: to use a needle and thread to make stitches in cloth

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