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Speakout Advanced p 85. Holding Back the Years. Extra Word Formation Cloze

No need to suffer 0_________ (PAIN), expensive cosmetic surgery. Here are five tips to combat the ageing process and make you look and feel better.
Drinking two litres of water a day helps fight 1_____________ (TIRED), headaches, stiff joints and dry skin and eyes - especially if you work at a computer. Juices made with 2____________ (COMBINE) of fruit and vegetables such as carrot and apple will also give you a lift  and your energy levels will increase 3___________ (NOTICE).
Regularly cleaning up your diet to clear out 4_____________ (WANT) toxins is the best way to wash away the blues. A detox diet 5__________ (PURE) and re-energizes your body, 6____________ (SHARP) your mind and works wonders for your skin.
If you’re worried about wrinkles, use a 7__________ (MOISTURE) cream every day,especially during
the summer months. They won’t 'disappear before your very eyes', but you should notice a marked improvement.
Regular massaging of your head releases tension, helps circulation and hair 8__________ (GROW). Try
it when washing your hair.
Laughter beats stress, boosts 9_________ (immune) and improves your ability to learn and 10________ (MEMORY) facts, say scientists.


Hold back: hold sb/sth back 1. to prevent sb/sth from moving forward or crossing sth. E.g. The police were unable to hold back the crowd. 2. to prevent the progress or development of sb/sth. Sp. Frenar. E.g. Do you think that mixed ability classes hold back the better students?

0  painful

1. tiredness 
Stiff: (MUSCLES) when a person is stiff, their muscles hurt when they move them. E.g. I’m really stiff after that bike ride yesterday. I’ve got a stiff neck. Sp. Entumecido, agarrotado

Joint: a place where two bones are joined together in the body in a way that enables them to bend and move. E.g. inflammation of the knee joint. My joints are really stiff this morning. Sp. articulación.

2. combinations
Lift: (HAPPIER FEELING) a feeling of being happier or more confident than before. Sp. Impulso. SYN boost. E.g. Passing the exam gave him a real lift.

3. noticeably
detox noun [U] (informal) [ˌdiːˈtɒks] [ˈdiːtɒks] the process of removing harmful substances from your body by only eating and drinking particular things.

4. unwanted
The blues: feelings of sadness. E.g. the Monday morning blues. Sp. La depre.

5. purifies

6. sharpens
Sharpen: if a sense or feeling sharpens or sth sharpens it, it becomes stronger and/ or clearer. E.g. The sea air sharpened our appetites.

work wonders: to achieve very good results. E.g. Her new diet and exercise programme has worked wonders for her.

7. moisturizing/ moisturising
before / in front of sb’s (very) eyes: in sb’s presence; in front of sb. E.g. He had seen his life’s work destroyed before his very eyes.

marked (adjective) Easy to see. SYN noticeable, distinct. Sp. Acusado, marcado. E.g. A marked difference / improvement. A marked increase in profits. She is quiet and studious, in marked contrast to her sister.

Scalp: the skin that covers the part of the head where the hair grows. E.g. A dry scalp can lead to dandruff. Sp. cuero cabelludo.

8. growth

9. immunity
boost something to make something increase, or become better or more successful. E.g. to boost exports/ profits. The movie helped boost her screen career. To boost somebody's confidence/ morale. Getting that job did a lot to boost his ego (= make him feel more confident).

10. memorize/ memorise 

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