Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Speakout Advanced p 92. Changes. Extra vocabulary2

Choose the answer which best fits each space.

1. He’s _______________ changed at all since I last saw him – just as lively and outgoing as he always was.

a. slightly b. hardly c. subtly d. nearly

2. The seat is _______________ adjusted by pulling on this lever here.

a. highly b. fully c. openly d. easily

3. Prices vary _______________, so do shop around before you buy your barbecue.

a. widely b. instantly c. closely d. completely

4. In response to growing criticism, the government modified its plans for education cuts, though only very _______________.

a. barely b. slightly c. faintly d. fundamentally

5. To her credit, she _______________ transformed the business from a string of small shops into a major international chain of department stores.

a. radically b. revoltingly

c. enormously d. increasingly


1. hardly

2. easily

3. widely

4. slightly

5. radically

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