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Speakout Advanced p 83. Switching off from the Day-to-day Routine. Listening

1. What I most like to do to 1.1_________ from my day to day 1.2________ is a series of very relaxing and 1.3_________ movements called Qigong, which means 1.4__________ moving the energy and it's the only thing that helps me to 1.5_________ my mind after a 1.6___________ day. I took it up a few years ago and the more I practise it the 1.7______________ it is for me. It consists of very slow movements with the upper limbs which pull the focus 1.8____________ rather than outwards towards the 1.9______________ and worries of the day. In addition, you forget about the past or future, your thoughts are 1.10___________ in the present and my mind is totally 1.11_____________.

2. Being a teacher my weeks are hectic and very 2.1____________. What's more, at home I do a lot of 2.2_____________ and preparation. Therefore at weekends I try to stop focusing on my work.
On a Saturday morning I go by car and 2.3____________to a little island on the Thames. Once there
I get onto my boat, turn on the engine and 2.4____________. It is then that I feel relaxed with the water, the 2.5____________, the ducks, the sky.

3. What I find really relaxing on a 3.1_______________ is gardening. Otherwise I'd probably start 3.2____________ people. Moreover, one of the drawbacks of motherhood is that you are never by yourself, which doesn't let you finish a 3.3_______________. In addition in the garden you can't be 3.4________________ . What's more, I find it incredibly peaceful and relaxing and - almost 3.5_________________.
You have to take into account that gardening can't 3.6_____________ and you cannot do much except watching, waiting and therefore my 3.7______________. Indeed in the garden is where I have a great sense of 3.8_______________ , which coupled with the sense of peace of things growing and changing and 3.9________________ makes me feel great joy.

1.1 switch off

1.2 routine

1.3 healing

1.4 literally

1.5  ease
ease: /iːz/ to become or to make something less unpleasant, painful, severe, etc. E.g. The pain immediately eased. This should help ease the pain. The plan should ease traffic congestion in the town. It would ease my mind (= make me less worried) to know that she was settled.

1.6 stressful

1.7 more effective

1.8 inwards

1.9 distractions

1.10  truly

1.11 freed up

2.1 stressful

2.2 marking

2.3 (go across on the) ferry

2.4 chug away
chug: /tʃʌɡ/ (+ adverb/preposition) to move making the sound of an engine running slowly. E.g. The boat chugged down the river. The engine chugged and coughed, and finally died. A little old car chugging down the road.

2.5 swans around

3.1 day to day basis

3.2 shouting at

3.3 thought

3.4 impatient

3.5 meditative

3.6 be hurried
hurry something to do something too quickly. E.g. A good meal should never be hurried. 

3.7 mind is free

3.8 freedom

3.9 blossoming

blossom:  if a tree blossoms, it produces flowers. E.g. The cherry trees blossomed early this year

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