Sunday, 22 December 2013

Speakout Advanced p 83. Time Management. Extra Listening

You will hear a part of a talk by time management expert David Markham. Complete the sentences.
David says that the key to good time management is (1) ____________________.
It’s important to have (2) ____________________ expectations of what we can achieve.
David warns that (3) ____________________ can prevent us achieving what we set out to do.
He recommends giving priority to (4) ____________________ if we feel overwhelmed.
David advises against always trying to (5) ___________________ in our work.
Housework requires the same (6) _____________________ that we need to exercise at work.
David suggests we should reserve time for those pursuits we find (7) ______________.
He says it is a mistake to think of the (8) _____________________ as a form of relaxation. 

You can find the audio here

Asset /ˈæset/: a person or thing that is valuable (Sp. bien).
To map sth out: to plan carefully
To be snowed under: to have more work than you feel you are able to deal with.
To be pressed for time: in a hurry; under time pressure.
To take on: to decide to do sth; to agree to be responsible for sth/sb (Sp. asumir/ aceptar algo): e.g. I can’t take on any extra work. We’re not taking on any new clients at present.
Crease: an untidy line that is made in cloth or paper when it is pressed or crushed: e.g. She smoothed the creases out of her skirt.
Pursue /pəˈsjuː/: try to achieve sth
Pursuit /pəˈsjuːt/ of sth: the act of looking for or trying to find sth.
Slump: to sit or fall down heavily (Sp. dejarse caer, tirarse): e.g. The old man slumped down in his chair. He slumped in front of the television.

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