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Speakout Advanced p 74. Ethically Produced Clothes. Extra Listening


1 D

2 B

3 A

4 A

5 A

6 C

set up: to create something or start it. E.g. to set up a business. A fund will be set up for the dead men's families.

cog: one of a series of teeth on the edge of a wheel that fit between the teeth on the next wheel and cause it to move. Sp. diente, piñón.
a cog in the machine/wheel a person who is a small part of a large organization. E.g. In the company I worked for, I felt completely anonymous, just another cog in the wheel (Sp. una pieza más en el engranaje). A small cog in the corporate wheel.

notice: a formal letter or statement saying that you will or must leave your job or house at the end of a particular period of time. E.g. He has handed in his notice. They gave her two weeks' notice. Tenants must give written notice to the landlord of their intention to move out of the property. Dozens of families on the estate have been give notice to quit (= told to leave their homes). 500 workers have been issued with redundancy notices. We received an eviction notice today.

go for something to put a lot of effort into something, so that you get or achieve something. E.g. Go for it, John! You know you can beat him. It sounds a great idea. Go for it!

plough something into: to invest a large amount of money in a company or project. E.g. The government has ploughed more than $20 billion into building new schools.

range: a set of products of a particular type. Sp. gama. E.g. our new range of hair products 

source something (from…): to get something from a particular place.  E.g. We source all the meat sold in our stores from British farms.

lie at the heart of something to be the most important part of something. E.g. The questions of training and pay lie at the heart of the staffing problems.

learning curve: the rate at which you learn a new subject or a new skill; the process of learning from the mistakes you make. E.g. a steep learning curve (=when you have to learn something complicated in a very short time). We have all been through a steep learning curve to master the new procedures. We expect a learning curve as we develop the project.

duvet: /ˈduːveɪ/ a large cloth bag that is filled with feathers or other soft material and that you have on top of you in bed to keep yourself warm. E.g. a duvet cover (= a cover that you can wash, that you put over a duvet).

break out in something: to suddenly become covered in something. E.g. Her face broke out in a rash (Sp. le salió un sarpullido en la cara). He broke out in a cold sweat (= for example, through fear). He broke out in spots (Sp. le salieron granos).

gobble something up to use something very quickly. E.g. Hotel costs gobbled up most of their holiday budget. The military gobbles up all the money.
gobble: to eat something very fast, in a way that people consider rude or greedy. E.g. Don't gobble your food like that! They gobbled down all the sandwiches.

equitable: /ˈekwɪtəbl/ fair and reasonable; treating everyone in an equal way. E.g. an equitable distribution of resources.

sound: sensible; that you can rely on and that will probably give good results. E.g. a person of sound judgement. He gave me some very sound advice. This gives the design team a sound basis for their work. The proposal makes sound commercial sense. Their policies are environmentally sound.  

bleach: to become white or pale by a chemical process or by the effect of light from the sun; to make something white or pale in this way. E.g. bones of animals bleaching in the sun. Bleach something His hair was bleached by the sun. 
have nerves of steel to be able to remain calm in a difficult or dangerous situation. E.g. You need to have nerves of steel to be a fighter pilot.

pay cheque: a cheque that you are given by your employer as your pay. E.g. She hopes that when she receives her first pay cheque she will be able to repay the money she borrowed from the bank.

take off(of an idea, a product, etc.) to become successful or popular very quickly or suddenly. E.g. The new magazine has really taken off. Her singing career took off after her TV appearance.

vow:  /vaʊ/ to make a formal and serious promise to do something or a formal statement that is true. Vow to do something She vowed never to speak to him again.


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