Saturday, 21 December 2013

Speakout Advanced p 82. Extra Word Formation Exercise 2

1. His latest ___________ is a book of verse on the theme of relationships. PUBLISH

2. Light ____________ will be served from 3.30 pm in the main hall.  REFRESH

3. Union members expressed their ____________ of the management's offer by walking out of the meeting.  APPROVE

4. In her ________________ to answer the phone she almost fell down the stairs.  EAGER

5. In the interests of safety a number of standard ______________ need to be followed.  PROCEED

6. The ____________ of the device is what has made it so popular.  SIMPLE

7. Her 5,000-metre run paled into _________________ when compared with the marathon her grandfather completed the following week.  SIGNIFY

8. I cannot comment. I have been sworn to ____________________ on the matter.  SECRET

9. The cost of ______________________ has increased by 10% this year.  MEMBER

10. Customers will be required to pay for any __________________ .  BREAK

11. He valued his ___________________ too much to ever want to get married.  DEPEND

12. It's quite natural to experience a certain amount of ________________ on your first day at work.  ANXIOUS

13. There is every _________________ that prices will continue to rise next year. (LIKELY)

1 publication

2 refreshments

3 disapproval

4 eagerness

5 procedures

6 simplicity

7 insignificance

8 secrecy

9 membership

10 breakage(s)

11 independence

12 anxiety

13 likelihood

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