Thursday, 5 December 2013

Speakout Advanced p 66. Keys and Vocabulary

Ex 1A
1 keeps 
keep (yourself) to yourself to avoid meeting people socially or becoming involved in their affairs. E.g. Nobody knows much about him; he keeps himself very much to himself.

2 doors 
behind closed doors without the public being allowed to attend or know what is happening; in private. E.g. The meeting was held behind closed doors.

3 spill 
spill the beans (informal) to tell somebody something that should be kept secret or private.

4 schtum (also shtum): /ʃtʊm/
keep/stay shtum (British English, informal) to not speak. E.g. Police have appealed for witnesses, but it seems the locals are keeping shtum.


5 slip
let slip something to give somebody information that is supposed to be secret. E.g. I happened to let it slip that he had given me £1000 for the car. She tried not to let slip what she knew.

Ex 2A

1 have gone to bed 

2 supposed to finish

3 didn’t dare/dared not 

4 needn’t have 

5 are banned/ aren’t allowed 

6 better not 

Extra activity
Write a short summary of a situation which ends with one of these sentences:
I needn’t have done my homework. 
I should have said something sooner.
You’d better not tell her. 

You’re not supposed to leave it there.
You ought to do it more quickly. 

He was forced to do it. 

Ex 3A
1 conventional 

2 debunked 

3 verify

4 uncovered 

5 intuitively 

6 perception

Ex 4A
1 is believed 

2 disappeared 

3 had been stolen

4 came 

5 were being 

6 was thrown 

7 wasn’t recruited

8 helped 

9 have been recognised

Ex 5A
1 Is there any evidence to prove that? 

2 What I’m basically saying is we can’t afford to waste any more time.

3 If you think about it, we’d be stupid to let this opportunity escape us. 

4 I don’t see how you can argue that economics doesn’t have an influence on the situation.

5 Can we be sure about that?

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