Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Speakout Advanced p 65. My Seven Secrets. Listening

To 1________________, I have a tattoo of a 2_________________ on my back, which I had 3____________ at the age of eighteen. Second 4______________is my birthday since I was born on Christmas Day and I wouldn’t get two 5_______________ presents and it would be forgotten because everyone is 6_______________ with the Christmas celebrations. Third, even though it is not a big secret I sing in a local 7_____________ with which I rehearse once a week and do concerts from time to time. Number four, my favourite film is The 8_____________, which I’ve seen about twenty times. Number five, I have always loved dancing, which I would have probably 9_____________ hadn’t it been for some 10_____________ which I had for a couple of years and had to quit. My next one, which only a few close friends know about, is that I like gardening. This is why I have an 11______________ where I grow tomatoes and 12_________. I like to 13________________ there on Sundays, which is like 14_____________ for me. And last but not least, since I don’t have a driving licence yet, I’m planning on 15______________ obtaining it some time. I’ve said that before though.


1. start off with 

2. sea horse 

3. done

4. on my list

5. sets of

set (of something) a group of similar things that belong together in some way. E.g. a set of six chairs. A complete set of her novels. A set of false teeth. A new set of rules to learn. You can borrow my keys—I have a spare set.

6. so busy

7. choir 
choir: /ˈkwaɪə(r)/

8. Usual Suspects

9. taken further
take something further: to take more serious action about something or speak to somebody at a higher level about it. E.g. I am not satisfied with your explanation and intend to take the matter further. You could take the argument further and say that smoking should be made illegal.

10. back trouble

11. allotment

allotment: /əˈlɒtmənt/  a small area of land in a town which a person can rent in order to grow vegetables on it. Sp. huerto alquilado. E.g. Some English people have nice gardens at home for flowers, and want the allotments to grow vegetables.

12. leeks

leek: /liːk/ 

13. potter around
potter + adverb/preposition: /ˈpɒtə(r)/ to do things or move without hurrying, especially when you are doing something that you enjoy and that is not important. Sp. entretenerse, pasar el rato, matar el tiempo. E.g. I spent the day pottering around the house.

14. therapy

15. getting round to
get round/around to something: to find the time to do something. E.g. I meant to do the ironing but I didn't get round to it. Get round/around to doing something I hope to get around to answering your letter next week.

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