Monday, 16 December 2013

Speakout Advanced p 77. New Technologies. Extra Cloze

Fill in each blank with one suitable word
We live surrounded by objects and systems that we (1)...for granted, (2)....which profoundly (3)... the way we behave, think, work, play, and in general lead our(4)..... Look, for example, at the place in (5)... you are reading this now, and see how much of (6).... surrounds you is understandable, and how much of it you could (7)... build yourself or repair if it (8)...cease to function. When we start the car or (9)... the button in the elevator, or buy food in the supermarket, we (10)... no thought to the complex devices or systems that (11)... the car move, or the elevator rise, or the food appear on the shelves.
(12)... this century we have become increasingly (13)... on the products of technology. They have already changed our lives: at the simplest (14)...., the availability of transport (15)... made us physically less fit than our (16)... . Many people are alive only because they have been given immunity to (17)... through drugs. The vast (18)... of the world’s population relies (19)... the ability of technology to provide and transport food. We are (20).... to  feed or clothe or keep ourselves warm without technology.

1 take

2 but/ yet

3 affect/ influence

4 lives

5 which

6 what

7 actually

8 should

9 press/ push

10 give

11 make

12 Throughout

13 dependent/ reliant

14 level

15 has

16 ancestors/ (grand)parents/forebears

17 disease

18 majority

19 on

20 unable

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