Saturday, 14 December 2013

Speakout Advanced p 75. Buy Nothing Day. Extra Listening

1 B

2 A

3 D

4 B

5 C

6 D


Shock sb into action: stimulate. E.g. shock consumers into changing their ways.

Stunt: something that is done in order to attract people's attention.Sp.  Montaje. E.g. a publicity stunt.

1. a place for watching from, especially for danger or an enemy coming towards you. Sp. Puesto de observación. E.g. a lookout point/tower.
2. a person who has the responsibility of watching for something, especially danger, etc. Sp. Guardia, vigía. E.g. one of the men stood at the door to act as a lookout.

Board sth up: to cover a window, door, etc. with wooden boards. Sp. Cerrar con tablas. E.g. most buildings along the street had been boarded up.

Bring sth about: to make something happen. Cause. Sp. Provocar. E.g. what brought about the change in his attitude?

Shopper: a person who buys goods from shops/stores. E.g the streets were full of Christmas shoppers.

One-offmade or happening only once and not regularly. Sp. Excepción. E.g. a one-off payment.

Run-up: a period of time leading up to an important event; the preparation for this. Sp. Preliminares. E.g. an increase in spending in the run-up to Christmas. During the run-up to the election.

Give sth away: to make known something that somebody wants to keep secret. Sp. Revelar. E.g. It was supposed to be a surprise but the children gave the game away. 

Chuckle: a quiet laugh. Sp. Risita. E.g. she gave a chuckle of delight.

Word of mouth:  people tell each other and do not read about it. Sp. Boca a boca. E.g. the news spread by word of mouth.

Go about sth: to start working on something. Tackle. Sp. Emprender. E.g. you're not going about the job in the right way. How should I go about finding a job?

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