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Speakout Advanced p 72. Keys and Vocabulary

Ex 5A
1 While

2 Although


3 Difficult though it may be
(Strange as it may seem)

4 Whichever

5 In spite of

6 Despite

7 Whilst

Ex 5C
In each case, the concession clause is the clause which is introduced by the phrase in italics. The other clause is the main clause.

Ex 5D

1 a comma

2 the concession clause

3 Despite, In spite of

p 139
Ex 1
1 whereas

2 as

3 matter

4 whenever

 5 despite

6 spite

7 however (no matter how)

8 although

Ex 2

1 Despite knowing that it's bad for me, I spend too much time on the Internet.

2 Even though she is nearly ninety-six years old, my grandmother is still fully independent.

3 He's an excellent manager, although he can be a bit scary to work for.

4 Hard as they tried, they couldn't persuade him to give up his work.

5 Whilst I understand how difficult the situation is, I'm afraid I can't help.

6 He's very charming. However, I wouldn't trust him at all.

Ex 6A
2 I spend a lot of time studying grammar, I still make mistakes, though.
Though I spend a lot of time studying grammar, I still make mistakes.

3 Difficult though it may be, I always try to believe what people tell me.

4 However you look at it, technology is changing education.

5 While I agree that English is important, I think students need to learn several languages.

6 Strange as it may seem, I find it hard to remember facts and figures.

7 Despite the fact that I enjoy travelling, I don't get the opportunity very often.

8 Learning a language is difficult, whichever method you choose.

Ex 7A
hard to come by
come by: manage to acquire or obtain (something). E.g. the remoteness of the region makes accurate information hard to come by. Jobs are hard to come by these days.

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