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Speakout Advanced p 69. Keys and Vocabulary

Ex 5
1 b)

2 e)

3 a)

4 d)

5 c)

Ex 6
f) an official arrangement or order

g) expected to happen or arrive at a articular time
 surpass (somebody/something/yourself): /səˈpɑːs/ to do or be better than somebody/ something. E.g. He hopes one day to surpass the world record. Its success has surpassed all expectations. Her cooking was always good, but this time she had surpassed herself (= done better than her own high standards). Scenery of surpassing beauty.

h) not certain

Ex 7A
1 She'll have been running.

2 I'll be seeing him later.

3 I'll be there.

4 We're to / tə/ be there at 1.00.

p 139
Ex 1
'Yesterday we announced that we are to merge with Jonas Inc. We are due to do this in May, so today I'm going to speak about the company's history and the decision to merge. This time next year the company will have been building houses for twenty-five years. By January we will have built more than 100,000 homes, and I hope that we'll still be building houses in 2050. Although we will be discussing the new situation with you individually, we are sure your jobs will be secure. Through this merger, we will be expanding and so we will be moving into unknown markets. By February, we will have sent you a document about the company's plans. For now, I promise there will be opportunities for all.'

Ex 2

1 By tomorrow, we will have been married for twenty years.

2 The London-Brussels flight arrives at 2.00/is due to arrive at 2.00.

3 The government is to pass a law prohibiting guns.

4 I'll be seeing John (in the office), so I can speak to him.

5 By July, we'll have been living here for five years.

6 The committee is due to have a meeting with the owners.

7 I imagine Roger will be putting up his Christmas decorations in November.

8 My son will be eighteen years old next March.

Ex 8A
2 Both are possible. Might is less certain than will.

3 Families will be racially very mixed.

4 By 2030, scientists will have found cures for most illnesses.

5 Both are possible. Due to means the decision has already been made by the authorities. Will suggests a strong prediction.

6 In fifty years' time most rich people will live until they are over 100.

7 Both are possible. There is little difference in meaning.

8 By 2050, it's possible that governments will have been censoring the web for years.

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