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Speakout Advanced p 34. DESCRIBING A PLACE - My Home Town. Extra Writing

Here you will have to use these linking structures called relative pronouns:
WHO for people,   WHICH or THAT for things,  WHERE for places.

A descriptive composition about a place should consist of:

a) An introduction in which you give the name and location and the reason for choosing it.
b) A main body in which you describe the main aspects in detail.
c) A conclusion which includes your comments/feelings and/or recommendations.

To give the reader a more vivid picture of the place at the moment you are describing, you can refer to the senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch): Visitors can watch the moonrise over the mountains, or hear the sound of church bells ringing, enjoy a freshly-ground cup of coffee, remember the aromas of exotic herbs and spices, or relax in the soothing warm waters of the river:

Nouns to Describe Places

bank, church, cathedral, university, market, tobacco store, newsagent's, grocery, district area, square, city, town, village, centre, region, environment, suburb, outskirts, seaside, mountain, country, valley, plain, wood, forest field, meadow, river, stream, waterfall, lake, pond, desert, jungle, forest hill, island, cliff, beach, coastline, vegetation, pollution, detached house, cottage, terrace of houses, semi-detached house, skyscraper, bungalow and cabin.

Adjectives to Describe Places

Unspoilt, plain, quiet, clean, dirty, ancient, modern, industrial, mountainous, low-lying, flat, tropical, overcrowded, cosmopolitan, picturesque, agricultural, fertile, rough, barren, bleak, busy, temperate, narrow, polluted, contaminated, humid, dry, lively, monotonous, varied, cultural, traditional, developed, developing, urban, rural, foreign, local, outdoor and indoor.

Are you able to describe your city? Look at this example:

Bris Angeles – Brisbane
I live in Bris Angeles. Have you ever heard of Bris Angeles? Have you heard of Brisbane? Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, which is one of the states of Australia. It is the north-eastern state.
Brisbane is a big city and it has expanded to swallow other surrounding cities like Logan, Beenleigh and Redcliffe.
Thirty years ago Brisbane was a sleepy place. People called it a big country town rather than a city because it was so quiet. The buildings were old classical colonial buildings. The houses were made of wood. The roads were not too crowded and the high-rise  housing was limited to the inner city.
In the last three decades, Brisbane has grown and grown. Queensland is in the north and the weather is warm so many people move up to the Brisbane area (also called: “south-east Queensland”) to enjoy the warmer weather. Now Brisbane stretches almost to the Sunshine Coast (Caloundra) in the north and the Gold Coast in the south. To the west it has almost reached Toowoomba. The city is getting bigger and bigger. It is for that reason that I call it Bris Angeles.

Write a similar description about a place, in about 200 words.

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