Monday, 25 November 2013

Speakout Advanced p 56. Relationships. Collocations

1. Sally and my father _________ on like a house on fire; she loves going to see him.
2. The noise from the neighbours is beginning to _________ on my nerves. I'm going to complain if it doesn't stop soon.
3. His gambling problem has ____________ a great strain on our relationship. I'm seriously thinking of leaving him.
4. It was just a joke - I wasn't trying to _________ you down. I'd never deliberately set out to make anyone feel stupid.
5. The maths teacher _________ it in for me; she was always giving me extra homework or keeping me behind after school.
6. They __________a fairly rocky relationship at first, but they are talking of getting married now.
7. They set up in partnership in 1995, but the relationship _________ sour when Jim's love of whisky began to affect his work.
8. When her father returned after nine years' absence, Sue did not have the heart to ________ her back on him.
9. She'd always approved of his girlfriends before, but she never really _________ to Sandra.
10. Sandra __________ an instant dislike to his mother, but she did her best to hide it.
11. He's well liked, and a lot of the younger members of staff _________ up to him as a role model.
12. I used to __________ down on art students at university, but now they're probably all earning far more than me.
13. He ________ himself to himself on the holiday, eating alone and opting out of the organized excursions.
14. I left over ten years ago, but I've managed to _________ in touch with some of my former colleagues.


1. get



2. get



3. put



4. put



5. had



6. had



7. turned



8. turn



9. took



10. took



11. look



12. look



13. kept



14. keep

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