Monday, 18 November 2013

Speakout Advanced p 49. Keys and Vocabulary

Ex 10A
reference to research, facts and figures, a description of a problem, rhetorical questions, a plan of action, a conclusion.

Ex 10B
1 It deals with gun control. 
3 It contains facts and figures, a description of a problem, rhetorical questions, a plan of action, a conclusion.

bite the bullet: take action to deal with a difficult situation. To start to deal with an unpleasant or difficult situation which cannot be avoided. E.g. I wasn't happy with the way my career was going so I decided to bite the bullet and look for another job. (Origin: from the custom of giving soldiers a bullet to bite on during a medical operation without anaesthetic.)

a round number: a whole number, often one ending in zero 

misprint: a mistake such as a spelling mistake that is made when a book, etc. is printed.

ingrained (in somebody/something) (of a habit, an attitude, etc.) that has existed for a long time and is therefore difficult to change. Deep-rooted. E.g. ingrained prejudices. The belief that we should do our duty is deeply ingrained in most of us.

a complete ban something that is not allowed at all according to an official order 

barely: in a way that is just possible but only with difficulty. E.g. He could barely read and write. The music was barely audible. She was barely able to stand. We barely had time to catch the train.  

instigate something (especially British English) to make something start or happen, usually something official. E.g. The government has instigated a programme of economic reform.

prospective: /prəˈspektɪv/ expected to do something or to become something. E.g. a prospective buyer.

ill: a problem or harmful thing; an illness. E.g. social/economic ills. The ills of the modern world.

a shot/stab in the dark: a guess; something you do without knowing what the result will be. E.g.  The figure he came up with was really just a shot in the dark.

Ex 11
This illustrates one of today’s most important issues…
One of the causes (of …) is … 
This has resulted in… 
One possible solution … 
There are a number of (other) options. These include … 
In conclusion, …

Ex 12A
The problem is that these solutions have already been proposed, passed into law and denounced as failures. 

Ex 12B

Ex 12C

1 b) 

2 c)
the powers that be (often ironic) the people who control an organization, a country, etc. E.g. The powers that be are still trying to decide what should be done.

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