Saturday, 30 November 2013

Speakout Advanced p 61. Phrasal Verbs Exercise 5

1.    The worst of the exams is _________ now, we can relax.

2.    I am up ______________ a difficult problem.

3.    The black plague has broken ____________ in America again.

4.    The hippies brought _______ a new way of dressing.

5.    He’s very rich. He came ____________ a lot of money when his father died.

6.    I put my shirt in the washing machine and the stains came ________

7.    The increase in student grants came _______ at the meeting today

8.    These examinations are getting me _________. I will never pass.

9.    How is Mrs Brown getting ________? She had a very nasty operation.

10. Teenagers generally get ________ their parents when they want a new laptop.


1.    Over. Be over: Finished

2.    Against. Be up against: Confronted by

3.    Out.  Break out: Begin of unpleasant things.

4.    In. Bring in: Introduce

5.    Into. Come into: inherit

6.    Out. Come out: fade. Disappear

7.    Up. Come up: arise, be mentioned.

8.    Down. Get down: depress

9.    On. Get on: Make progress

10. Round. Get round: persuade

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