Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Speakout Advanced p 51. Keys and Vocabulary

Ex 5A

1 up

2 choice

3 found

4 far

 5 would

6 doubt

Ex 5B
Only expression 1 is used in the audio script

p 135
Ex 1


2 e) 

3 b)
I would just as soon do something used to say that you would equally well like to do something as do something else that has been suggested. E.g. I'd just as soon stay at home as go out tonight.  I'd as soon go to another restaurant as wait for a table here.

4 h) 

5 c) 

6 j) 

7 f ) 

8 a) 

9 i)

10 g)

Ex 6
1 Far better/It’s far better to weigh up the pros and cons than decide now.

2 If it was/were up to you, which of the two candidates would you choose?

3 Without a shadow of a doubt, we can come up with some better ideas than these.

4 Given the choice, would you ban all web advertising?

5 I would ask my boss for advice if I (ever) found myself in this situation.

6 Instead of acting rashly, I’d sooner put important decisions on hold.

7 My preference would be to buy a house now rather than wait until the economy gets better.

8 She’d just as soon quit her job as do something unethical.

Ex 7A

1 a) 

2 d) 

3 e) 

4 b) 

5 c)

Ex 8A
own up (to something/to doing something): to admit that you are responsible for something bad or wrong. Confess. E.g. I'm still waiting for someone to own up to the breakages.Why don't you just own up and hope she forgives you?

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