Saturday, 30 November 2013

Speakout Advanced p 61. Phrasal Verbs Exercise 9

1.    What on earth will he get ___ to next?
2.    She gave ________ state secrets to the enemy.
3.    The cheese had begun to give _____ a strange smell.
4.    There weren’t enough life-jackets to go __________.
5.    When it came to actually stealing the money, Nora couldn’t go __________ with it.
6.    Let's hang _______ to those old photographs—they may be valuable.
7.    Mark and Sarah really hit it _____ at the party.
8.    They hit _______ the solution quite by chance.
9.    Sorry I’m late. I was held _____ in the traffic.
10. Well done! Keep ______ the good work.


1.    Up. Get up to: to be busy with something, especially something surprising or unpleasant. E.g. what have you been getting up to lately?


2.    Away. Give away: to make known something that somebody wants to keep secret. Betray. E.g. His false identity papers gave him away.


3.    Off. Give off: to produce something such as a smell, heat, light, etc. E.g. the flowers gave off a fragrant perfume. The fire doesn't seem to be giving off much heat.


4.    Round/around. Go round/around: to be enough for everyone to have one or some. E.g. there aren't enough chairs to go around.


5.    Through. Go through with: to do what is necessary to complete a course of action, especially one that is difficult or unpleasant. E.g. She decided not to go through with (= not to have) the operation.


6.    On. Hang on to: to keep something, not sell it or give it away. E.g. I think we should hang on to the car until next year.


7.    Off. Hit it off (with sb): to have a good friendly relationship with somebody. E.g. We hit it off straight away.


8.    On/upon. Hit on/upon sth: to think of a good idea suddenly or by chance. E.g. she hit on the perfect title for her new novel.


9.    Up. Hold up: to delay or block the movement or progress of somebody/something. E.g. An accident is holding up traffic.


10. Up. Keep up: to continue something at the same, usually high, level. E.g. we are on a winning streak. Hopefully we can keep it up.

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