Saturday, 30 November 2013

Speakout Advanced p 61. Phrasal Verbs. Exercise 2

Phrasal verbs

  1. When I told Gina that she'd won a million dollars, she fainted. When she
    came ___________, I told her it was a joke and she almost hit me!
  2. You should cut back ____________ the amount of coffee that you drink.
  3. If you're in town next month, we'd love to see you. Please try to drop ________
  4. No, Paul isn't at the university. He dropped ________.
  5. I'm too tired to cook tonight. Why don't we eat ________?
  6. We got lost last night and ended ________ in the next town.
  7. She had to face ________ to the fact that she would never walk again.
  8. For a long time I couldn't understand the last problem, but I finally figured it ________.
  9. Professor Newton is in the hospital and won't be able to teach for the rest of the term. Do you know who's going to fill _________ for her?
  10.  Alan is really intelligent but sometimes he has problems getting his ideas ______.


1. To/round/around. Come to/round/around: regain consciousness.

2. on. Cut back on: use less of something. Cut down on

3. in/by/round. Drop in: visit informally (and usually without scheduling a specific time). 

4. out. Drop out: stop attending / leave school or an organization.

5. out. Eat out: have a meal in a restaurant.

6. up. End up: finally arrive at; arrive at an unexpected place.

7. up. Face up to: to accept and deal with something that is difficult or unpleasant.

8. out. Figure sth out: to think about somebody/something until you understand them/it.

9. in. Fill in for sb: temporarily do someone else's work; temporarily substitute for another person.

10. Across.  Get sth across: to be communicated or understood; to succeed in communicating something.

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