Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Speakout Advanced p 57. Modal Verbs for Past Actions. Extra Speaking

You wake up on your sofa with a very sore head. Your friends are all sleeping on the floor of the living room. One of your friends is wearing a wedding dress. You have a big bruise on your knee. There is an unfamiliar cat walking around the room. The room smells of vomit. Your car is not outside.

Possible past actions: My friend might have got married!

Almost certain past actions: We must have got really drunk.

Impossible past actions: I can’t have driven home.

Expressing regret: We shouldn’t have drunk so much.

Speculate with a partner about:

1. Where did I leave the car?

2. Where did the cat come from?

3. Why is my friend wearing a wedding dress?

4. Why did I fall asleep on the sofa?

5. Why does my head hurt?

6. How did I hurt my knee?

7. Why does the house smell like vomit?

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