Saturday, 30 November 2013

Speakout Advanced p 61. Phrasal Verbs. Exercise 1

Phrasal verbs:

1.   I ran ____ my teacher at the movies last night.

2.   He did not get _______ with his parents. So He ran ________when he was 15.

3.   After all the delays, we were anxious to make ______ for lost time.

4.   I didn’t want to move abroad but Bill talked me ___________it.

5.   They are looking ___________ the problem.

6.   Burglars broke ________ Jane's apartment while she was at the movies.

7.   Lucy's parents died when she was a baby. Her grandparents brought her _____

8.   We don't have school today. The mayor called classes________ because of the snow.

9.   I've lost my extra car keys. If you come ___________ them while you are
cleaning the room, please put them in a safe place.

10.               George won't be at the office today. He came down _______ the flu over the weekend




1.   Into. Run into/across sb: meet sb by chance. Bump into sb.


2.   On/ along. Get on/along with sb/together: have a good relationship; away. Run away/off: leave home


3.   Up. make up for: Compensate.


4.   Into. talk sb into / out of sth: to persuade sb to do / not to do sth


5.   Into. Look into sth: to examine sth


6.   In/into. break in/into: to enter a building by force.


7.   Up. Bring sb up: to care for a child, raise.


8.   Off. Call sth off : cancel something that has been scheduled.


9.   Across.  Come across sth: find (unexpectedly)


10.               With. Come down with sth: become ill with sth

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