Saturday, 23 November 2013

Speakout Advanced p 54. Keys and Vocabulary

Ex 1A

1 brought 

2 release 

3 alibi
alibi: /ˈæləbaɪ/ evidence that proves that a person was in another place at the time of a crime and so could not have committed it. E.g. The suspects all had alibis for the day of the robbery.

4 an appeal 
appeal: a formal request to a court or to somebody in authority for a judgement or a decision to be changed. E.g. the family is expected to make an appeal against the ruling by the judge.

5 fresh
fresh evidence: new information that is relevant to the case

6 convictions

Ex 2
Warm up
Patient: Doctor, doctor, I think I’m losing my memory.’
Doctor: ‘How long has this been going on?’
Patient: ‘How long has what been going on?’


1 have you been feeling
kitten: a young cat

2 have turned
turn (from something) into something: to become something. E.g. Our dream holiday turned into a nightmare. In one year she turned from a problem child into a model student.

3 I’ve broken

4 it will have been / it will be

5 to have been ignoring

Ex 4A

1 child labour

2 illegal immigration

3 religious freedom

4 human rights

5 economic development

6 intellectual property

Ex 5A

1 If it was up to me I’d have taken the cruise.
be up to somebody: to be somebody's duty or responsibility; to be for somebody to decide. E.g.
It's not up to you to tell me how to do my job. Shall we eat out or stay in? It's up to you.

2 I would sooner watch the film than read the book.

3 I’d just as soon eat local food as dine in a fancy restaurant.
I, etc. would just as soon do something: used to say that you would equally well like to do something as do something else that has been suggested. E.g. I'd just as soon stay at home as go out tonight.

4 If I found myself in this situation, I’d go to the nearest house and beg for help.

5 Far better to do that than buy presents for everybody!

6 This would be by far the best option if you want to see places.

7 I’d have done the same without a shadow of a doubt.

8 No way would I do that unless I really had to.

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