Monday, 25 November 2013

Speakout Advanced p 56. Love Actually. Extra Listening

Tape 169 ‘ 33. Love Actually. Fill in the gaps with one or two words.

  1. When I feel depressed I think of the _____________ gate at Heathrow airport.
  2. When the planes hit the twin towers people sent each other messages of _____.
  3. I feel it in my fingers/ I feel it in my _____
  1. If you really love Christmas/
    Come on and let it _________
  1. The woman sitting on the bed is feeling so ________.
  2. The man loves her even when she is __________ and looks disgusting.
  3. The man sitting at the desk calls Karen because he hasn't got _____________ to talk to.
  4. His wife has just _______.
  5. The girl is going to play the __________________ in the Nativity Play.
  6. The young man is carrying a basket and is giving out ____________, _______ and __________.
  7. The actor was introduced as John but ____________ calls him Jack.
  8. The ___________ had some nasty surprises in his _________ party. The Brazilian prostitutes turned ___________ to be _______.
  9. The Prime Minister says he has to work on his ___________.
  10. Pat, the _____________, will find it a lot easier with the new Prime Minister because there will be no __________, no ___________, no _______________.

1. arrivals gate/ arrivals lounge 

2.  love 

3.  toes 

4.  snow 

5.  rotten 

6.  sick 

7.  anyone else 

8.  died 

9.  first lobster 

10.              sandwiches,



11.              everyone

12.              bridegroom,




13.              wave

14.              housekeeper,

 nappies, (diapers),


 scary wife

Gloomy: depressed
Make out: understand
Hatred: Sp. odio
Greed: Sp. avaricia
Sneaky: (of a feeling) persistent but reluctantly held; sneaking. E.g. I developed a sneaky fondness for the old lady. But I have a sneaky feeling that they are talking about what goes into kebabs.
Newsworthy: interesting and important enough to be reported as news
As far as I Know: Sp. Según lo que sé
Rot: (rotted, rotted) Sp. pudrirse
Rotten: Sp. podrido
Loser:Sp. perdedor
Concern: Sp. preocupar, afectar
Bugger off: Sp. lárgate, vete a la mierda.
Lobster: Sp. langosta
Duh: (exclamation) // used to comment on a statement you think is stupid or obvious. E.g. “You should always lock up your bike.” “Well, duh!”
Stag night: Sp. despedida de soltero
Wave: Sp. saludo
Housekeeper: Sp. ama de llaves
Nappy: Sp. pañal

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