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Speakout Advanced p 35. Keys and Vocabulary

Warm up
Close your eyes. I want you to imagine you are 15 years old, lying on your bed, and it’s the first day of the summer holiday. It’s late in the morning and you are waking up slowly. There’s no need to rush, as it’s the first day of the summer holidays. Looking up, you can see the sun shining through the closed curtains. You take a long, slow look around the room, imagining what adventures await you over the long summer holidays. Open your eyes and describe your room in as much detail as possible to your partner.

Ex 1B
sell something/yourself (to somebody) to persuade somebody that something is a good idea, service, product, etc; to persuade somebody that you are the right person for a job, position, etc. E.g. Now we have to try and sell the idea to management. You really have to sell yourself at a job interview.

Goldfinger: The film's plot has Bond investigating gold smuggling by gold magnate Auric Goldfinger and eventually uncovering Goldfinger's plans to attack the United States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox. Goldfinger was the first Bond blockbuster.

villain: /ˈvɪlən/ the main bad character in a story, play, etc. E.g. He often plays the part of the villain.

1 C - Jack Vettriano, painter 

2 B - Zandra Rhodes, fashion designer

3 A - James Caan, businessman 

Ex 2A
rating: a measurement of how good, popular, important, etc. somebody/something is, especially in relation to other people or things. E.g. The poll gave a popular approval rating of 39% for the President. Education has been given a high-priority rating by the new administration. The ‘Cosby Show’ was the highest-rated network show with a rating of 26. 
rating website: a rating website is a website designed for users to vote on or rate people, content, or other things.

1 Advertisement. It contains notes rather than full sentences, adjectives that focus on positive aspects, a contact number.

2 Fiction. Danziger is a fictional character. The extract describes part of a story and contains thoughts
and actions as well as descriptions.

3 Ratings website. The writer is giving an opinion of the room.

4 Advertisement. It says how many people can sleep there and quotes a price. Use of positive adjectives.

5 Fiction. This contains dialogue and describes a scene.

6 Ratings website. It gives an opinion of the room and says how much the writer paid.

Ex 2B
Beautiful – positive

roomy (large with a lot of space inside it) – positive

spacious – positive

generous (more than is necessary; large. E.g. a generous helping of meat. The car has a generous amount of space –positive)

shady (protected from the sun or producing shade. E.g. a shady patio) – positive

gloomy (dark, especially in a way that makesyou feel sad) – negative

airless (without much fresh air) –negative

whirr: /wɜː(r)/ (N) a continuous low sound, for example the sound made by the regular movement of a machine or the wings of a bird. E.g. the whir of the projector.

comfortable – positive

décor: /ˈdeɪkɔː(r)/ the style in which the inside of a building is decorated. E.g. interior decor. The restaurant's elegant new decor. Choosing the furniture and decor for their new home was an exciting project.

stripe:  /straɪp/ a long narrow line of colour, that is a different colour from the areas next to it. E.g. a zebra's black and white stripes. A white tablecloth with red stripes.

gaudy (/ˈɡɔːdi/ too bright and cheap-looking. E.g. gaudy clothes/colours) – negative
chilly (cold enough to make you feel uncomfortable) – negative

airy (with plenty of fresh air because it is large or has a lot of windows) – positive
Airy: /ˈeəri/ E.g. the office was light and airy.

huge (very big) – positive

sunny – light and sun-filled –positive

peaceful (quiet and relaxing) – positive

dreary (/ˈdrɪəri/ dull and making you feel sad or bored. E.g. a dreary winter's day. A dreary film. A long and dreary journey on the train)- negative

poky (/ˈpəʊki/ too small and not very pleasant or comfortable. Cramped. E.g. a poky little room) - negative

Other adjectives: 
messy: dirty and/or untidy. Chaotic. E.g. The house was always messy.

draughty: /ˈdrɑːfti/ uncomfortable because cold air is blowing through. E.g. a draughty room/ corridor.

Neat and tidy: e.g. he always keeps his desk neat and tidy.


grubby: /ˈɡrʌbi/ rather dirty, usually because it has not been washed or cleaned. E.g. grubby hands/clothes.  He wore torn jeans and a grubby shirt.

shabby: /ˈʃæbi/ in poor condition because they have been used a lot. E.g. The outside of the house was beginning to look shabby. She wore shabby old jeans and a T-shirt.

grand: impressive and large or important. E.g. It's not a very grand house. The wedding was a very grand occasion.

proportioned: /prəˈpɔːʃənd/ having parts that relate in size to other parts in the way that is described. E.g. a well-proportioned living room. She was tall and perfectly proportioned.

cosy: /ˈkəʊzi/ warm, comfortable and safe, especially because of being small or confined. E.g.
a cosy little room. A cosy feeling. I felt warm and cosy sitting by the fire.

confined: /kənˈfaɪnd/ (of a space or an area) small and surrounded by walls or sides. E:g. It is cruel to keep animals in confined spaces.

stark: /stɑːk/ (often disapproving) looking severe and without any colour or decoration. E.g. I think white would be too stark for the bedroom. The hills stood stark against the winter sky.

dingy: /ˈdɪndʒi/ dark and dirty. E.g. a dingy room/hotel. Dingy curtains/clothes. The nightclub was in a dark and dingy basement in central Manchester where you couldn't see more than 6 inches in front of your face because of the smoke.

minimalist: /ˈmɪnɪməlɪst/ lacking decoration or adornment; deliberately simple or basic in design or style. E.g. his recently renovated minimalist kitchen.

rustic: /ˈrʌstɪk/ 1 (approving) typical of the country or of country people; simple. E.g. an old cottage full of rustic charm. 2 made very simply of rough wood. E.g. a rustic garden seat. A rustic fence.

run-down: in very bad condition; that has not been taken care of. E.g. run-down inner-city areas.

neglected: /nɪˈɡlektɪd/ not receiving enough care or attention. E.g. neglected buildings. The garden was neglected and overgrown.

dilapidated: /dɪˈlæpɪdeɪtɪd/ old and in very bad condition. Ramshackle. E.g. old, dilapidated buildings.

ramshackle /ˈræmʃækl/ in a very bad condition and needing repair. Tumbledown. E.g. a ramshackle house.

tumbledown: old and in a poor condition so that it looks as if it is falling down. Dilapidated. E.g. tumbledown cottages. 

scruffy: /ˈskrʌfi/ dirty or untidy. E.g. a scruffy open-plan office. Parks ranging from scruffy to splendorous are everywhere in the city. The destination was a scruffy little stadium in a tough neighborhood known to the locals as the “Concrete Jungle.” He shared what he later called "a very scruffy flat" with my husband-to-be.

cramped: /kræmpt/ a cramped room, etc. does not have enough space for the people in it. E.g. working in cramped conditions.

cluttered (up) (with somebody/something) /ˈklʌtəd/ covered with, or full of, a lot of things or people, in a way that is untidy. E.g. a cluttered room/desk. A small kitchen can feel cramped and cluttered

Bright and cheerful: e.g.There's nothing quite like a bright and cheerful living room.

Sparsely: /spɑːsli/ only present in small amounts or numbers and often spread over a large area. Sp. Escasamente, dispersamente. E.g. a sparsely furnished room. 

Ex 3B
1 city (the others have long vowel sounds)
 /ɪə/ vs /ɪ/

2 body (the others have long vowel sounds)
/ɔː/ vs /ɒ/

3 footie (the others have long vowel sounds)
/uː/ vs /ʊ/
footie: /ˈfʊti/ informal term for football. E.g. a game of footie.

4 hockey (the others have long vowel sounds)
 /əʊ/ vs /ɒ/
jokey: /ˈdʒəʊki/ amusing; making people laugh. E.g. a brief exchange of jokey comments.
poky /ˈpəʊki/ too small and not very pleasant or comfortable. Cramped. E.g. a poky little room.

5 ready (the others have long vowel sounds)
/eɪ/ vs /e/
shady: /ˈʃeɪdi/

6 airy (the others have short vowel sounds)
/ˈeə/ vs /e/
airy: /ˈeəri/ (like fairy /feəri/) 
bury: /ˈberi/ 

p 150
Ex 1A

1 B 

 2 C 

3 A 

4 D 

a) vast: /vɑːst/ extremely large. E.g. a vast area of forest

b) awe-inspiring: /ɔː/ extremely impressive in a way that makes you feel great respect and admiration. E.g. The building was awe-inspiring in size and design.

c) scenic: /ˈsiːnɪk/ surrounded by views of beautiful countryside. E.g. an area of scenic beauty. They took the scenic route back to the hotel. A scenic drive.

d) sprawling: /ˈsprɔːlɪŋ/ spreading over a wide area in an untidy or unattractive way. E.g. a modern sprawling town.

e) quaint unusual and attractive, especially in an old-fashioned way. E.g. quaint country cottages

f ) ramshackle: in bad condition and in need of repair. E.g. a ramshackle cottage

g) secluded: /sɪˈkluːdɪd/ very private and quiet. A secluded garden/ beach/ spot, etc. The gardens are quiet and secluded.

h) overpopulated /ˌəʊvəˈpɒpjuleɪtɪd/ there are too many people in a place. E.g. an overpopulated country.

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