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Speakout Advanced p 42. Keys and Vocabulary

Ex 1A

1 d) 
shabby: in poor condition because they have been used a lot
exquisite: /ɪkˈskwɪzɪt/

2 c) 

3 f ) 
bustling: /ˈbʌslɪŋ/ full of people moving about in a busy way. E.g. a bustling city. Bustling with something The market was bustling with life.

4 a)
cobbled: having a surface that is made of cobbles. E.g a cobbled courtyard. The street was narrow and cobbled.
cobbles: small stones used to make the surfaces of roads, especially in the past. E.g. a cart clattering over the cobbles

5 e)
unspoilt: (also unspoiled) (of a place) beautiful because it has not been changed or built on. E.g. unspoiled countryside.

6 b)

Ex 2A
Sample sentences:
1 I drink cups of steaming hot Japanese green tea to keep me awake.
steaming hot: very hot

2 They bought the old farmhouse on top of the hill.

3 I bought a brand-new top-of-the-range laptop computer with all the latest graphic technology.
top of the range: used to describe the most expensive of a group of similar products. E.g. Our equipment is top of the range. Our top-of-the-range model.

4 She went for a five-mile-long cross-country run in the rain.
cross-country: across fields or open country rather than on roads or a track. E.g. cross-country running. We rode cross-country.

Ex 3A
1 gloomy, 

gloomy: nearly dark, or badly lit in a way that makes you feel sad. E.g. a gloomy room/ atmosphere. It was a wet and gloomy day.
poky: too small; without much space. E.g. a poky little room.

2 roomy, 

stunning: extremely attractive or impressive

3 gaudy, 

hang-out: a place where somebody lives or likes to go often. E.g. This cafe is a popular hang-out for tourists.
trendsetter: a person who starts a new fashion or makes it popular. 
gaudy: /ˈɡɔːdi/ too brightly coloured in a way that lacks taste. 
decor: /ˈdeɪkɔː(r)/ the style in which the inside of a building is decorated. E.g. interior decor. The restaurant's elegant new decor. Choosing the furniture and decor for their new home was an exciting project.
acid jazz: /ˈæsɪd/ a type of dance music that combines jazz, funk, soul, and hip hop.
clientele: /ˌkliːənˈtel/ (AmE /ˌklaɪənˈtel/) all the customers or clients of a shop/ store, restaurant, organization, etc. E.g. an international clientele. An important media event which is bound to attract a new clientele.

Ex 4A

1 from which 

2 in which I live alone 

3 to which you can never answer ‘yes’? 

4 at which point

Ex 4C
1 lead in a pencil 
lead: /led/ graphite /ˈɡræfaɪ/ used as the part of a pencil that makes a mark. Sp. mina. E.g. scrawls done with a bit of pencil lead.
scrawl: a careless untidy way of writing; something written in this way. E.g. Her signature was an illegible scrawl. I can't be expected to read this scrawl! The paper was covered in scrawls. 

2 a chick in an egg 

3 Are you asleep? 

5 a hole

Ex 5

1 to, (you) a bit of 

2 The, of our/my/the, is to

3 The (main), of the, is to 

4 What we, to do 

5 we’re going to, with 

6 The/This, is, because 

7 this, will, us (to) 

8 In the, this would 

9 The, include 

10 So, what we’re, to 

11 Does,have any

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