Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Speakout Advanced p 37. Prefixes. Verbs. Extra Word Formation Exercise.

1. The study of science has ________ (RICH) all our lives.
2. Reading will ___________ (LARGE) your vocabulary.
3. 3.1__________ (SURE) that the food doesn’t 3.2___________ (COOK) during reheating 
4. Had she been completely ____________ (READ) his intentions? 
5. In this profession, women ________________ (NUMBER) men by two to one.
6. Don't _____________ (LOAD) the students with information. 
7. Everyone helped to ___________ (LOAD) the luggage from the car. 
8. He was fined €500 and _____________ (QUALIFY) from driving for three years. 
9. Arnold died in 1953: his wife, who ___________ (LIVE) him by almost half a century, passed away on the last day of the millennium.
10. People leave my shows feeling _____________ (LIFT) 

1. enriched
enrich: to improve the quality of something, often by adding something to it. E.g. Most breakfast cereals are enriched with vitamins. Her exposure to museums enriched her life in France.

2. enlarge
enlarge: to make something bigger; to become bigger. E.g. There are plans to enlarge the recreation area. I sent the photos back to the lab to be enlarged.  The company has built an additional factory to enlarge its operations.

3.1 ensure
ensure: /ɪnˈʃʊə(r)/ /ɪnˈʃɔː(r)/ to make sure that something happens or is definite. E.g. The book ensured his success. Victory ensured them a place in the final. Please ensure (that) all lights are switched off.

3.2 overcook 
overcook: cook too much or for too long. E.g. don’t overcook the vegetables. 

4. misreading
1. to understand somebody/something wrongly. Misinterpret. E.g. I'm afraid I completely misread the situation. His confidence was misread as arrogance. He saw me hesitate and misread the situation.  Maybe I'm misreading the implications of what's going on here.
2. to read something wrongly. E.g. I misread the 1 as a 7. You must have misread the address. Perhaps she’d misread the note and got the time wrong.

5. outnumber
outnumber: to be greater in number than somebody/something. E.g. The demonstrators were heavily outnumbered by the police.  Despite being outnumbered, they managed to fight back bravely.  An area where sheep outnumber humans by twenty to one.

6. overload
1. to put too great a load on something. E.g. an overloaded truck. Both boats were overloaded and low in the water
2. to give somebody too much of something. E.g. He's overloaded with responsibilities.

7. unload
unload: to remove things from a vehicle or ship after it has taken them somewhere. E.g. This isn't a suitable place to unload the van. The truck driver was waiting to unload. Opposite: load.

8. disqualified
disqualify: /dɪsˈkwɒlɪfaɪ/ to prevent somebody from doing something because they have broken a rule or are not suitable. E.g. He was disqualified from the competition for using drugs.

9. outlived
outlive somebody to live longer than somebody. E.g. He outlived his wife by three years. 

10. uplifted
uplift somebody (formal) to make somebody feel happier or give somebody more hope. E.g. It’s uplifting to see young kids excited about books!  

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