Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Speakout Advanced p 37. Prefixes. Nouns. Extra Word Formation Exercise.

1. A____________ (SIDE) of the economic boom has been environmental degradation; China is home to many of the world's most-polluted cities.
2. I felt then, as I do now, that my _____________ (BURST) of temper was fully justified.
3. News of a sharp _____________ (TURN) in property prices will not please first-time buyers.
4. Since the last recession ended, New York City has gained back far more jobs than it lost during the ______________ (TURN)
5. The new tax legislation is designed to help those on low ____________ (COME)
6. There has been a serious ____________ (BREAK) of cholera on the island, infecting over 50,000 people.
7. The exhibition provides a fascinating _____________ (SIGHT) into traditional farming methods.
8. Whilst the government seems confident of victory, it is still too early to predict the final ______________ (COME) of the election.
9. The Government suffered a severe______________ (SET) in the election, losing its overall majority in the National Assembly. 
10. There has been a 5% fall in industrial______________ (PUT) this year, in contrast to agricultural production, which has risen by 3%.

1. downside
downside: the disadvantages or less positive aspects of something. E.g We wanted people to understand that there is a downside and there are complications when you enter the online world. A magazine feature on the downside of fashion modelling.

2. outburst
outburst: a sudden strong expression of an emotion. E.g. an outburst of anger. She was alarmed by his violent outburst. 

3. upturn
upturn (in something) a situation in which something improves or increases over a period of time. E.g. an upturn in the economy. A sharp upturn in the number of tourists visiting the capital. Their fortunes have taken an upturn. The restaurant trade is on the upturn. 

4. downturn 
downturn (in something) a fall in the amount of business that is done; a time when the economy becomes weaker. E.g. a downturn in sales/ trade/ business.The economic downturn of 2008/2009. 

5. income(-s) 

6. outbreak
Outbreak: the sudden start of something unpleasant, especially violence or a disease. Sp. Brote, estallido, comienzo. E.g. the outbreak of war. An outbreak of typhoid. Outbreaks of rain are expected in the afternoon. 

7. Insight
 Insight (into something): an understanding of what something is like. Sp. Conocimiento de alguna cosa. E.g. the book gives us fascinating insights into life in Mexico. I hope you have gained some insight into the difficulties we face. 

8. outcome 
Outcome: the result or effect of an action or event. E.g. we are waiting to hear the final outcome of the negotiations. 

9. upset (also setback
Upset: a situation in which there are problems or difficulties, especially when these are unexpected: e.g the company has survived the recent upset in share prices. 
Setback: a difficulty or problem that delays or prevents something, or makes a situation worse. Sp. Contratiempo, revés. E.g. the team suffered a major setback when their best player was injured. The breakdown in talks represents a temporary setback in the peace process. 

10. output
Output: the amount of something that a person, a machine or an organization produces. Sp. Producción. E.g. manufacturing output has increased by 8%.

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