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Speakout Advanced p 37. Keys and Vocabulary

Ex 9
The hotel is famous because many celebrities have lived in it, such as Madonna, Arthur C. Clarke and Jack Kerouac.

Ex 10 B
de ir im non un


Example words
 Degenerate, Irreplaceable, Immortalised, Non-conformity, unfortunately.

under over

size or degree

Example words
Understatement, overexposed

mal mis

wrong or bad

Example words

pre post

time (before or after)

Example words

pro anti

(for or against)

Example words 

Ex 10C
We use:
un-, im-, ir-, de- with adjectives and adverbs
non-: nouns, adjectives
under- and over-: nouns, adjectives, verbs
mal- and mis-: verbs, abstract nouns, adjectives
pre- and post-: adjectives
pro- and anti-: nouns and adjectives

Ex 11
1 False. When we add a prefix to the root word, the spelling of the root word doesn’t usually change.

2 False. We can add more than one prefix at a time to root words e.g. uninhabitable.

3 True.

4 False. There are no rules that tell us which prefixes we can add to each root word.

Ex 12A

1 unknown, underexposed
underexposed ( often passive ) to fail to subject to appropriate or expected publicity.

2 non-descript, underrated 
non-descript: /ˈnɒndɪskrɪpt/ having no interesting or unusual features or qualities. E.g. a nondescript person/building/town.

underrate somebody/something to not recognize how good, important, etc. somebody/something really is. E.g. He's seriously underrated as a writer. An underrated movie. Don't underrate yourself. 
3 unattractive, overrated 
overrate somebody/something to have too high an opinion of somebody/something; to put too high a value on somebody/something. E.g. In my opinion, Hirst's work has been vastly overrated.

4 uninhabitable, mismanaged 
 mismanage something to deal with or manage something badly. E.g. The department's budget was badly mismanaged.

5 irreplaceable, impossible

p 150
Ex 2A
1 supermodel, miniskirts 

2 sub-zero, cooperate

3 bilingual, interacting 

4 semi-retired, outlasted
outlast somebody/something to continue to exist or take part in an activity for a longer time than somebody/something. E.g. He can outlast anyone on the dance floor. The kind of beauty that will outlast youth. This system has outlasted many of its rivals.

Ex B
bi: two

co: joint

inter: between/ among

mini: small

out: bigger/greater than something else

outsell somebody/something to sell more or to be sold in larger quantities than somebody/ something. E.g. We are now outselling all our competitors. This year the newspaper has outsold its main rival.

outplay: outplay somebody to play much better than somebody you are competing against. E.g. We were totally outplayed and lost 106–74. 

semi: /ˈsemi/  half
semi-skimmed: milk that has had a lot of the fat removed

sub: below

super: more/more powerful/larger

Ex C

2 superhero 

3 outgrow 
outgrow something to grow too big to be able to wear or fit into something. E.g. She's already outgrown her school uniform. The company has outgrown its offices.

4 sub-plot 
 subplot: a series of events in a play, novel, etc. that is separate from but linked to the main story

5 international

6 semicircle 

7 co-founders 

8 minibar

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