Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Speakout Advanced p 36. RELATIVE CLAUSES. Extra Exercise 1

    Complete each sentence with a suitable word.

1.      Midway through the second half City scored their fourth goal, at __________ point United gave up completely.
2.      There is one person to ___________ I owe more than I can say.
3.      It was the kind of accident for ____________ nobody was really to blame.
4.      ______________ leaves last should turn off the lights.
5.      Mary was late yesterday, ______________ was unusual for her.
6.      At 6.00, ______________ was an hour before the plane was due, thick fog descended.
7.      I don’t know ____________ told you that, but they were wrong.
8.      The first time I saw you was ______________ you answered the door.
9.      Mrs Brown was the first owner ______________ dog won three prizes in the same show.
10.  I’ve just spoken to Sally, ____________ sends you her love. 


 1. which 

2. whom 

3. which 

4. Whoever 

5. which 

6. which 

7. who 

8. when                

 9. whose 

10. who 

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