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Speakout Advanced p 41. Keys and Vocabulary .

Ex 6B
incredible diversity / huge

one of the highest standards of living in the world
long life expectancy
one of the wealthiest countries

bad winter weather
cold temperatures

geographically massive
second largest country in the world after Russia
huge range of fresh water
great lakes and rivers,
three coasts,
incredible diversity of wildlife,
climate and landscape (temperate rain forests, deserts, arctic prairies, volcanoes, mountains, forests)
longest coastline in the world.

The USA and Canada both have a history of indigenous people and they share the longest border in the world.

The speaker doesn’t answer questions 4 or 5.
1 people’s characteristics and values

value of family and friends.
Great sense of solidarity and care for friends,
resourcefulness and laid back
quality of people dealing with problems.

a lot of strikes and struggles and uncertainty.

Documentary –
day in someone’s life showing what’s going on in the country.

Family get together on Sundays to catch up on the week,
Celebrate Friends’ Day.
Very different from other parts of Latin America, e.g. Brazil. Brazilians are upbeat while Argentinians have a melancholy temperament and yearning for the old way of life.

The speaker doesn’t answer the first part of question 3 (geographical), or question 4

standard of living: the amount of money and level of comfort that a particular person or group has.

life expectancythe number of years that a person is likely to live; the length of time that something is likely to exist or continue for. E.g. Life expectancy for both men and women has improved greatly in the past 20 years. Women have a longer life expectancy than men. The life expectancy of a large bus is about 15 years.

downside: the disadvantages or less positive aspects of something. Opposite: upside.

massive: extremely large. E.g. They have a massive great house. Their house is massive. 

vastness: the quality or state of being very large. E.g. the vastness of space. 

temperate: /ˈtempərət/ having a mild temperature without extremes of heat or cold. E.g. sage can be grown outdoors in cool, temperate climates. Chile has one of the largest temperate forests in the southern hemisphere.

long-standing: that has existed or lasted for a long time. E.g. a long-standing relationship.
up to something: doing something, especially something bad. E.g. What's she up to? What've you been up to? I'm sure he's up to no good (= doing something bad).
catch up: to talk to someone you have not seen for some time and find out what they have been doing. E.g. Come over tomorrow and we can catch up. Catch up with:  I'll catch up with you another time, Kevin.  It'll give them a chance to talk and catch up with all their news.
upbeat: /ˈʌpbiːt/ positive and enthusiastic; making you feel that the future will be good. Optimistic. (Opposite: downbeat) E.g. The tone of the speech was upbeat. The meeting ended on an upbeat note.
longing: a strong feeling of wanting something/ somebody. E.g. longing (for somebody/something) a longing for home. Longing (to do something) She was filled with longing to hear his voice again. Romantic longings.  
outlook (on something) the attitude to life and the world of a particular person, group or culture. E.g. He had a practical outlook on life. Most Western societies are liberal in outlook. 
hence: for this reason. E.g. We suspect they are trying to hide something, hence the need for an independent inquiry. 
picket: /ˈpɪkɪt/ a person or group of people who stand outside the entrance to a building in order to protest about something, especially in order to stop people from entering a factory, etc. during a strike; an occasion at which this happens. E.g. Five pickets were arrested by police. I was on picket duty at the time. A mass picket of the factory.
resourceful: good at finding ways of doing things and solving problems, etc. E.g. These women were strong, resourceful and courageous.  
laid-back: calm and relaxed; seeming not to worry about anything. E.g. a laid-back attitude to life. She's very laid-back about her exams.
Ex 6C
Canada has one of the highest standards of living in the world.
On the downside, I suppose, … you have to deal with bad winter weather. 
I would describe Canada as geographically massive.
We’re very lucky in Canada to have a huge range of fresh water, great lakes, rivers everywhere.
Undoubtedly one of the best things about Argentina is the values. 
People are very warm, very caring and we’ve got a great sense of solidarity. 
We’ve got a sense of longing for the old world.
Ex 7B
pitch:  (V) to say, write, or create something so that it will be suitable for people of a particular age, level of ability etc. E.g. He pitched the level just right. Pitch something at/towards/for someone:  Her book is pitched at a teenage audience.  A task pitched at the weaker members of the group.

engaging: interesting or pleasant in a way that attracts your attention. E.g. an engaging smile.

Ex 8A
pitch: (N) the things that you say to persuade someone to buy something or to support you. E.g.  sales pitch:  People are very wary of the obvious sales pitch. Make a pitch (for something):  She only had ten minutes to make her pitch for the contract.

ox: (pl oxen) a bull (= a male cow) that has been castrated (= had part of its sex organs removed), used, especially in the past, for pulling farm equipment, etc.

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