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Speakout Advanced p 33. Keys and Vocabulary

Ex 4
1. film set 

set: a collection of scenery, stage furniture, and other articles used for a particular scene in a play or film. E.g. We need volunteers to help build and paint the set.

candy-floss: (North American English cotton candy) a type of sweet/candy in the form of a mass of sticky threads made from melted sugar and served on a stick, especially at fairgrounds.

2 five-mile-long, six-lane sea road

3 uniquely photogenic city  

4 longest wooden bridge

5 for a closer look 

6 approaching in the distance

p 133
Ex 1

1 I like small cups of freshly-ground, strong, black coffee. 
grind, ground, ground: to break or crush something into very small pieces between two hard surfaces or using a special machine. E.g. to grind coffee/corn.

2 He bought the pretty little house by the river. 

3 She made two delicious, dark chocolate cakes with strawberries and fresh cream on top. 

4 He smokes those hugely expensive, enormous Cuban cigars, which Juan gives him. 

5 They carried the massive pile of ridiculously heavy bags all the way up seven flights of stairs. 

6 It was an incredibly smelly, hairy but rather friendly guard dog.

Ex 2

1 I went to the shoe shop advertised on television.

2 He was an old man walking with a stick. 

3 We ate the absolutely delicious, home-made cakes, sitting in the sunshine. 

4 They rented a nice house with a swimming pool near the airport. 

5 We went to a big pizza restaurant on the outskirts of town, run by two Italian brothers called Gino and Rino.

Ex 5

1 A slice of delicious, home-made chocolate cake with cherries on top. 

2 A brand new, bright red, heavy-duty mountain bike with fifteen gears. 

heavy-duty: not easily damaged and therefore suitable for hard physical work or to be used all the time. E.g. a heavy-duty carpet. Heavy-duty plastic. Heavy-duty diesel engines.

3 It’s a small, Greek restaurant, which serves some of the best fresh seafood in the area. 

4 A very expensive, black, cashmere jumper with extra-long sleeves. 

cashmere: /ˈkæʃmɪə(r)/ fine soft wool made from the long hair of a type of goat, used especially for making expensive clothes. E.g. a cashmere sweater. The scarf is 70% cashmere.

5 A traditional, Tuscan bean soup with freshly-baked bread. 

6 A fascinating, ancient, medieval castle on top of a very steep hill.

Ex 6A
custard tart

sprinkle: (also sprinkling) a small amount of a substance that is dropped somewhere, or a number of things or people that are spread or included somewhere. E.g.  Add a sprinkle of cheese and serve. Add a sprinkling of pepper.

2. delicious –adjective, 
hand-made – compound adjective; 
extraordinarily good – adverb + adjective combination; 
strong, black, espresso – adjectives 

3 With a sprinkle of cinnamon on top – prepositional phrase; 
tiny cups of – adjective + noun 

4 old – adjective, 
pastry shop –compound noun; 
in central Lisbon – prepositional phrase 

Ex 6B
E.g. 1 The fat, grumpy old man lives in a run-down house at the end of the road, with rubbish piled outside and stray cats with their many kittens running around everywhere.

grumpy: bad-tempered
run-down: in very bad condition; that has not been taken care of. E.g. run-down inner-city areas.
stray: (of animals normally kept as pets) away from home and lost; having no home. E.g. stray dogs.


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