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Speakout Advanced p 39. General Public Angry over Cycle Lanes. Extra Reading

Here you have an article from the Euroweekly. As you can see, you can use this newspaper to learn vocabulary and see it in a meaningful context. This article in particular is related to Curriculum topics 11: Services and 2: Towns and cities. We encourage you to do the same with other articles and relate them to the EOI Curriculum Topics. This will help you to build up vocabulary at the same time that you are being informed.

SOURCE: Euroweekly; MacMillan Dictionary online
DATE: 16 October 2009
TOPIC: 11- Services


DRIVERS in the centre of the capital are complaining bitterly that they are being trapped in traffic jams caused by the introduction of bicycle lanes. One disgruntled city resident said that the cycle lanes have converted the centre of Palma, the area known as the ‘Avenidas’, into a disaster area. Apparently, there is very little space in which to park and  motorists have been left without any rights at all.
Calle Jeroni Antich is a point of major congestion, as cars attempting to access it from Via Alemania have to cross the bus and taxi lane. During the rush hour, traffic jams begin to build up in Via Alemania as Calle Jeroni Antich fills up rapidly, becoming jammed with vehicles blocking access to Plaza de los Patines.
According to sources, criticism is mounting daily, with residents and users stating that the facility for two wheeled travellers is hardly ever used whilst drivers of four wheeled vehicles are spending more and more time sat in traffic jams.


Bitterly /ˈbɪtə(r)li/: in a way that shows that you are extremely angry, upset or disappointed about something.
Ex: He complained bitterly that no one had bothered to ask his opinion.
Traffic jam /dʒæm/: a line of vehicles waiting behind something that is blocking the road.
Ex: We were stuck/ trapped in a traffic jam.
During the rush hour traffic jams begin to build up.
Bicycle or cycle lane /leɪn/: a part of road marked by painted lines and intended for use of bicycles.
Disgruntled /dɪsˈɡrʌnt(ə)ld/: disappointed or annoyed about something
Congestion /kənˈdʒestʃ(ə)n/: a situation in which a place is crowded with people or vehicles, so that it is difficult to move around.
Ex: The project aims to reduce traffic congestion.
Rush /rʌʃ/ hour: the time of day when there are a lot of cars on the road because most people are travelling to or from work.
To become jammed /dʒæmd/: to become very crowded with people or things.
To mount /maʊnt/: if a particular feeling mounts, it gets stronger over a period of time.
Ex: Tension continues to mount between the two parties.

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