Sunday, 13 October 2013

Speakout Advanced p 13. Idioms for People. Extra Exercise

Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

black    busybodies   chatterbox   hand   kids   life   neck  ways

1.      I would ask Graham. He’s an old _______________ when it comes to things like this.
2.      Giada has always been the _____________ sheep of the family. She’s such a rebel.
3.      To be the ____________ and soul of the party you need to come out of your shell and let go.
4.      Marcos was sixty-five and rather set in his ___________ about how to do things.
5.      The city is full of financial whiz __________________.
6.      My neighbours drive me crazy. They are real ___________ always poking their noses in your business.
7.      You’ll have to tell me if I’m talking too much. I tend to be a bit of a ________________.
8.      The customs officer refused to let us through. He was a real pain in the _________________.


1. hand 

2. black 

3. life 

4. ways 

5. kids 

6. busybodies 

7. chatterbox 

8. neck

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