Saturday, 16 November 2013

Speakout Advanced p 47. Verb tenses. Extra Grammar Exercise


Correct the following sentences by changing the underlined word or words. You may need to write more than one word.

1.I know him since we were at school together.
2.We would have a parrot, but he flew away one day when I was cleaning his cage.
3.The service was terrible; when our dessert arrived, Paul still ate his supper.
4.I have met some very interesting people on my holiday last year.
5.This must be about the tenth time I eat in this restaurant.
6.It’s a long time since we don’t see each other.
7.It wasn’t the first time she was catching him taking money from her purse.
8.I’d like to stay in London longer, but we had to get back for Sandra’s wedding.
9.I’d rather you didn’t give him my phone number – he phoned me three times yesterday!
10.You did nothing but complain since we’ve been here.
11.She was about sitting down when she noticed the chair was broken.


1. have known

2. used to have

3. was still eating

4. met

5. have eaten

6. saw/have seen

7. had caught

8. would have liked to stay

9. hadn't given

10. have done

11. to sit

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